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17th Annual Church Alive 365 Ministry Leadership Conference


About Church Alive 365 The 1st Annual Church Alive 365 Ministry Leadership Conference ‘Church Alive 365’ was held in July of 2003 under the leadership of Pastor Eldridge Spearman. The conference is based in part on the book ‘Church Alive! Comparing Church Work with the Work of the Church written by the late Rev. Harold E. Trammell who served as Mount Jezreel Baptist Church’s sixth senior pastor. Today, Church Alive 365 is a three and a half day conference the combines teaching, preaching and worship; in which the “work of the Church” is defined, described and made alive according to the New Testament. Church Alive 365 identifies the qualities of good ministers and members, exposes the adversary of the Church, covers issues facing the Church, and explains proper Church financing, and actively engages in missions, social action, mental and behavior health and the environment. Christ-focused leaders like you are greatly transforming lives in our community today. Scores of pastors, church leaders and members have found this conference to be an invaluable tool to motivating congregations to actively engage in the work of the church. At The 2019 Church Alive 365 Ministry Leadership Conference we will equip, encourage, and empower your leadership FOCUS! You will experience powerful peer networking, Christ-centered thought leadership and practical, biblically-based training. Join us and take your ministry to a higher level of service.

Mount Jezreel Baptist Church
420 University Blvd East

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