95.1 Shine Baltimore's Positive Hits

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5:30AM - 10AM
Mornings with Tracey, Mike and Dave

10AM - 3PM
Music For Your Work Day with John Lawhon

3PM – 7PM
Afternoons with Jack and Erin

7PM – 8PM
Evenings with Christina James

8PM-10 PM Going Deeper

8:00PM – Turning Point with David Jeremiah

8:30PM – The Alternative with Tony Evans

9:00PM – Insight for Living with Charles Swindoll

9:30PM – Focus on the Family with Jim Daly

10PM - 12AM

Night SHINE with Christina James

12AM  – 4:30AM
Positive Hits through the night

Haven Today with Charles Morris

Back To The Bible with Woodrow Kroll



6AM - 10AM
Jack & Erin

10AM - 2PM
Positive Music For Your Weekend with Tiffanie Knight

2PM - 6PM
Positive Music For Your Weekend with John Lawhon

6PM - Midnight
Positive Hits

Midnight – 6AM
More Positive Hits




6AM - 11AM
Sunday SHINE

11AM - 11:30AM
Sounds of Life

11:30AM – 12PM
Ravi Zacharias

12PM - 9PM
Positive Hits

9PM - Psalm 95 with the National Christian Choir

10PM - Midnight
Positive Hits

Midnight - 6AM 
Positive Hits