Why I Love Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, but not for the reason you might think!

Single Isn't A Dirty Word

What if we embraced the present instead of longing for the next stage?

Download These Sweet Notes For Your Sweetie for Valentine's Day

Here are some sweet thoughts for your sweetie - perfect for Valentine's Day!

3 Things Dave Paul Loves about Winter

Winter - I’m not a fan. But, God didn’t place me in a location that has summer year round, so...

If God Wrote A Love Note To Baltimore, It Might Read Like This

Baltimore is our city and it's ours to share God's love with.

Don's Big Day

Have you ever dreamed of joining Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM?

Learning Your Love Language

What's your love language?

Marriage Isn't About Staying In Love - It's About This

The hard work of marriage isn’t staying in love. It’s staying in like.

How Do I Love My Enemies?

"You want me to do what?" I asked. "I can't stand that guy... he is a terrible person." ...

SHINE-FM on ABC2 News!

Check out SHINE-FM on ABC2 News for the We Care for Kids Toiletry Drive!

My One Word For 2018 Is...

What's your one word for the new year?

3 Things I Want People To Know Now That I'm A Christian

There was a shift in me and I felt like a brand new person!

9 Verses About Hope

Is it even possible to walk through hard circumstances that I can’t control?

Human Trafficking Awareness

Abuse isn’t something that people want to talk about because it’s uncomfortable.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He would have turned 89 today.  Instead, he said yes to God. 

3 Things Jack Larkin Loves about Winter

"Jack, in January we'd like to get your take on three things you like about winter." ...

The End of Christmas

Christmas is over... now what?

What's a Post-Bucket List?

We all leave something behind when our time here is finished.

Breaking Bad Habits

Mark Hall from Casting Crowns shares a thought to encourage you.

Nobody Likes Change Unless...

Have you noticed this?

Get To Know The Music Week - Our Favorite Songs

We are spending the final days of 2017 helping you Get to Know the Music!

Reflecting on 2017

We tend to go into the new year with high expectations for change.

The Birth of Jesus

Check out the Christmas story!

The M&M Christmas Story

Print and add to a bag of M&Ms for a sweet Christmas gift!

The Christmas Story According To Kids

Leave it to kids!

Weary World Rejoices

Check out this INCREDIBLE video!

Why Does Christmas Matter?

Jesus is the gift. What greater reason to celebrate is there?

Erin's Favorite Christmas

Erin Branham's favorite Christmas might surprise you!

The Christmas Struggle

Don’t you wish that during the Christmas season, everyone could have a break?

Dave's Favorite Christmas

What is Dave Paul's "best ever" Christmas?

Christmas Bucket List

Ever been excited for Christmas, but afterwards, you felt like you missed it?

What Child is This, Anyway?

I grew up as a nothing. ...

8 Verses About Giving

These verses will challenge you - are you giving your best and your all?

Christmas Shopping

I dislike Christmas shopping because I love Christmas!

8 Advent Resources for the Christmas Season

Growing up, we celebrated Christmas all month long!

5 Things Jack Larkin is Thankful For

It's in the messiness of this life that I find Jesus.

Pistachio Cheesecake Recipe

When I was little, nothing brought my family together quite like cooking.

Worship Leads to Gratitude

A heart of worship leads to gratitude and it's contagious.

5 Things John Lawhon is Most Thankful For

Thanksgiving prepares you for a broken heart.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A prayer to help with the stress of all that needs to be done.

His Love is Written in the Sky

One of the most frightening times in my life happened when I was 11 years old.  ...

The Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish In Maryland Is...

The result may surprise you.

Sweet Almond Cookies

Every year at Christmas we like to try a new cookie recipe. With some family members needing to be gluten free, we wanted to make sure we had a cookie or two available for them....

5 Things Tracey Tiernan is Most Thankful For

Thankful. It’s something that we should feel, right?  ...

10 Verses on Gratitude

This wasn’t a part of the plan. ...

What I Learned From OJ and Chanda Brigance

I was nervous about our first meeting.  ...

Don't Let Your Light Be Hidden

Because Jesus is the light of the world, we are also called to be the light of the world. How are you shining?

Making A Difference Starts With This

Our actions have the ability to impact others. What will your impact be?

God Gives Us A Candle, Not A Floodlight

God will always give us what we need, but not necessarily in the way we want it.

Pumpkins, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides, Oh My!

Embrace the fall season and make memories with your family.

Holding On To Life's Disappointments

Are you letting life's disappointments hold you back?

The Love Test

Here's a surefire test to see if you're becoming a more loving person.

Having a Bad Day?

Having a bad day? This might give a little perspective.

Check Out Tauren Wells' Take On Zach Williams' 'Chain Breaker'

Tauren's version is simple and soulful.

11 Bible Verses To Help You Break Free From Fear

When you feel paralyzed by fear, break the chains with these verses.

Just Breathe

If you're feeling the chaos, slow down, and breathe.

Download the FREE Pumpkin Patch Parable Coloring Page

Download and print as many copies as you like!

More Trunk Or Treat Ideas

If you need some trunk-or-treat inspiration, you've found it!

My Story: I Was Lost When My Husband Died

When he died, my whole world crumbled.

How to Reconnect With God When You Feel Far Away

Do you feel far away from God? Here's how you can reconnect.

Disaster Relief Resources

Here are three organizations providing help

How Do You Navigate Uncertainty When You Feel Hopeless?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are faced with uncertainty...

How Do You Respond When Someone Reacts Negatively To Your Positive Change?

Have you ever noticed that when you choose to make a change in your life it can tend to shake other people up?

31 Reminders for Girls

You may even wish someone said these words to you when your were young.

Struggling To Let Go?

It's hard to embrace change when you're holding on to something else.

This Is A Different September 11th

There's one thing I saw on 9/11 and I'm seeing it now.

12 Scriptures For When You're Filled With Anxiety

The next time you're filled with anxiety, meditate on these words.

How To Calm Your Heart When Worry Is All You Feel

We serve a God who doesn’t ask us to just shove our doubt to the side or handle things on our own.

What Can I Do For Those Affected By The Hurricanes?

There are two ways to help that don't feel like much but are significant.

The Struggle To Hear God In Seasons of Change

Sometimes, the struggle to hear comes down to being silent.

Mandisa and Casting Crowns Join Together to Give Hope To Texas

A beautiful moment and prayer.

Help Houston - How To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Here's how you can help.

Download These Signs For Your Back To School Photos

A free printable for the first day back to school.

Why Did Jesus Need to Be Baptized?

Why did Jesus approach John the Baptist to be baptized?

If There's One Thing To Learn From The Eclipse, It's This

I'm so grateful for an intentional God who loves to teach us whenever we're willing to listen.

Which Maryland Sunflower Fields Are Still In Bloom?

Go for a weekend visit and enjoy this summer flower!

5 Solar Eclipse Comics to Make You Laugh

If you need a little chuckle, check out these fun cartoons.

Back To School Bible Verses To Keep You Encouraged

Download these verses to give you confidence as you go back to school.

The Bible is the Story of Two Gardens

This is a great quote from Max Lucado.

Zucchini Crab Fakes

I might get kicked out of Maryland for this.

Books That Shaped Your Life

Outside of the Bible, what are the books that have shaped your life?

The Missing Link Between Bible and Prayer

If you've come away from reading Scripture feeling nothing, doing this will make the difference.

No Cook Tomato Soup

A delicious way to use up overflowing tomatoes from the garden!

The Wearable Chair Sounds Weird But It Has Real Possibilities

We think this chair has some real possibilities.

God Wants To Be More Than Your Problem Solver

The kind of relationship we build with our Father God is up to us.

Doing Right May Cost You

Sometimes we know what the right choice is but we're scared to make it because of what it will cost.

8 Bible Verses To Remind You That God Has Your Back

Grab a highlighter and mark these verses in your Bible.

Are You Tired?

Are you tired? ...

Guess Who Stopped By SHINE-FM?

And he brought a pinata with him.

Why I'm The Crazy Lady Putting Makeup On In The Car

You might change your mind about the woman putting her makeup on in the car.

Matthew West Sings The Forecast

It was going good until Tracey...

Matthew West Sings 'Grace Wins'

A beautiful reminder that grace always wins.

Matthew West Sings "Hello, My Name Is"

What a joy to have Matthew West sing this live!

Coloring Page - My Dad My Hero

Download and color this page for Dad on Father's Day!

Coloring Page - I Love You Dad

Download and color this page for Dad on Father's Day!

From the Bathtub to Babylon: God is Working Through Our Circumstances

God is our Heavenly Father... and I really hate baths!

Shining A Light On The Helpers

Wonderful stories of people pulling together to help those affected.

MercyMe's I Can Only Only Imagine Heard On The Voice

Listen to contestant Aliyah Moulden sing her version of this classic MercyMe song.

17 Year Cicadas Are Emerging Early

Brace yourselves. They're coming.

If You See This At The Beach Resist The Urge To Touch It

This sea creature is beautiful and incredibly dangerous.

When They Grow Up Too Fast

If you haven't seen this song from Nichole Nordeman on your Facebook newsfeed, you will.

FREE Mother's Day Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this for Mom!

Happy Mother's Day Coloring Page

Download and have your kids color this for Mom!

Know The Size Of Your Plate

Jesus didn't do everything, so why are we?

Six Steps When You're Struggling to Pray

These steps from a local pastor my break you out of your prayer rut.

How Jesus Will Use Your Hands Today

Love this quote - how about you?

See if YOU can read this without choking up!

This is one of the sweetest notes to a teacher ever.

Mandisa Sings Her New Song On Good Morning America

Take a listen!

Mandisa Given Opportunity To Glorify God on TV

Watch Mandisa on Good Morning America!

I Am At My Best When I Am A Kite

Am I the only one who feels this way when I fly a kite?

God Wants To Challenge Your Attachments

I heard this from Steven Furtick and had to share.

Have You Ever Noticed This In The Bible?

Every miracle that occurred was an answer to a problem, even things that didn't seem like miracles at the time.

I Asked God...

I asked God... but God said...

Were You There?

A poem I shared on the air this morning...

Did You Know Jesus Has Prayed For You?

You are always on Jesus' mind.

Your Love Has Been Betrayed

Could you do this?

4 Easter Snacks That Share the Gospel

Here are four snacks to make for Easter with family, friends, or your Sunday School class that share the Gospel.

Mr. T on Dancing With The Stars

A great story of God's Healing and restoration from one of our favorite celebrities.

Gymnast Simone Biles Dances to Chris Tomlin's Song on Dancing with the Stars

What a beautiful story and the perfect song!

The First Palm Sunday

Have you ever wondered what Jerusalem was like in AD 33?

Palm Sunday Devotion: Going Against The Crowd

In the space of 5 days, something happened. The crowd cheering Jesus cried "crucify Him."

Coloring Page - Jelly Bean Prayer

Here's a free coloring page that will teach your kids the gospel!

My Story: In that moment, I knew my life was changed

My father died when I was 17.

Don't Be Anxious? Seriously?

How is it possible to not worry and have anxiety when...

You Did It!

We thank God for you!

My Story: I Grew Up In Church But Just Gave My Life To Christ

Sierra grew up in church, but never really met Jesus.

My Story: How I'm Finding Hope After My Sister Was Murdered

Chris shares his family's struggle and what's keeping them going.

My Story: God Used Francesca Battistelli's Song to Get Me Honest About My Addiction

How "If We're Honest" changed Ronnie's life.

My Story: Why I Painted My Wall Green After My Cancer Diagnosis

Tracey shares why this green wall is symbolic to her.

My Story: People Think I Accidentally Leave My Radio On In My Garage But I Tell Them This

Ken shares why he always leaves his radio on full blast!

An Unusual Snow Plow

If you've got to plow, you might as well have fun!

This Teen Was Abandoned and Rejected But God Wasn't Going To Let That Be His Story

The beautiful story of how God brought a family to Chase.

I Thought Someone Was Breaking Into My House

Let's talk about fear - real fear.

Riley, 3-Years-Old, Has This Message For You Today

John's daughter, Riley, joined him on the air today and won us over!

My Story: I Only Went To Bible Study To Shut My Husband Up

Janet shares how God rocked her world.

I Hope I Never Forget These Moments

That moment I looked at my daughter and she wasn't three any more.

I Admit it - I've Been Choosing To Be Busy Over Restful

Choosing to give up your stressed self to be your best self.

That Kind Of Love

If you've felt unlovely and unlovable, read this.

There's Something About That Biscuit!

The best song ever about biscuits.

Hospice Worker Realizes He Knows His Patient And Does This

What a beautiful moment.

Today Marks 6 Months Since I Overdosed

Alannah wrote a goodbye letter to heroin.

My First Year As A Single Valentine And What I've Learned

I had a husband; he just had a Valentine that wasn't me.

No Time To Pray

If you think you have no time to pray...

What Love Really Is

A journey through 1 Corinthians 13.

How Do You Say 'I Love You' Without Saying Those Words?

This is beautiful.

He Was There All Along; She Just Couldn't See Him

Sometimes we put God in a box.

Marian's Phone Call Wrecked Me

If you're feeling loss, we hope you'll feel encouraged by Marian's story.

Bible Untouched In Tornado Wreckage


New Music From MercyMe

Here's what 'Lifer' will be about.

If You've Been Hurt By People In The Church

Please don't miss out because of hurt.

Have You Heard The Singing Contractors?

Just your "average" contractors...or not...

Free Devotion from Joanna Gaines

Any Fixer Upper fans in the house?

Pray This Dangerous Little Prayer of King David's

I’ll be honest: that’s a courageous prayer right there.

Children Donate Park Bench At The Location Their Parents Began Dating

This will make you say, "Awwww!"

The Gift Card

Which gift card do you choose?

Let's Get Great

What if we traded resolutions for this?

Start Over Today

A new year brings a fresh opportunity to start over.

Resources To Help You Become a More Positive Person

Have you resolved to become more positive? These can help!

A Prayer for 2017

Dear Lord,  ...

The First Christmas After Loss

We don't know who wrote this but thought it was great encouragement and an acknowledgement of how so many people feel at Christmas. We're praying for you if you're missing someone...

Why He Came

In all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday, it's always good to remember exactly what Christmas is about.

The $20 Impact Challenge

Have you ever thought about what you could do with $20?

Pain and Joy At Christmas

If you're a woman feeling the pain of miscarriage at Christmas, you will understand.

Aaron's Family Tradition - Would You Do It?

Listen to this Christmas tradition Aaron adopted from a friend.

Creating the Perfect Christmas ...Or Not

Struggling with trying to make Christmas happen?

Shirt Box Christmas Wrapping Hack

An awesome hack for wrapping presents

Tim Tebow Shares His John 3:16 Connection

There's no such thing as coincidence!

We Are Not Part of the Audience Of Christ

A 30 second devotional thought from Casting Crowns

7 Quotes to Remember John Glenn By

Wisdom from an American hero and legend.

Try A New Cookie Recipe This Year

Here are a few of Erin's family's favorites!

The Lesson I Learned From My Son About Christmas

When I asked my son what Christmas is about, He taught me a lesson.

What Gets Me In Trouble

Do you do the same thing?

2017 GRAMMY Nominations

Congrats to our SHINE-FM artists!

Her kids did her in, but then her husband wrote this

Sometimes, just the right words can undo a day of stress.

Advent Devotions from Billy Graham

A devotion for each week leading up to Christmas.

Matthew West - Our Gift

A Christmas devotion from Matthew West.

Easy Big Mac Skillet Dinner

If you love a Big Mac but want a healthier version, this is it!

This Mom Is Introducing The Heart Of Christmas To Her Kids

A great alternative to Elf on the Shelf.

Jordan Smith's "Mary, Did You Know?"

He's on the Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant Christmas Tour because of this.

Ohio Church Shows That Giving Is Contagious

Here's what this church did with their members' special donations.

Quotes On Being Generous That Will Make You Think

"Though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that - warm things, kind things, sweet things--help and comfort and...

10 Thanksgiving Posters to Share

Everyone needs encouragement!

What Thanksgiving Is About

Marcie reminds Charlie Brown what Thanksgiving is about.

Grandma Texts Wrong Teen a Thanksgiving Invite, Now Their Families Will Eat Together

A great story that shows the true spirit of Thanksgiving!

You Can't Change Anything By Freaking Out

Can I tell you... I LOVE that line from Jason Gray's song, "Sparrows." ...

This Rendition of 'Mary, Did You Know?' Will Take Your Breath Away

No exaggeration, our mouths were wide open listening to this.

Big Daddy Weave's Song 'Redeemed' Changed Zach Williams' Life

Without 'Redeemed' there'd be no 'Chain Breaker.'

When Things Get Dark, Remember This

A collection Bible verses that shine a light.

Thousands Flood Times Square With Worship

Thousands join Matt Redman in singing '10,000 Reasons'

Chris Tomlin Performs on FOX & Friends

Chris plays "Good, Good Father" before a national audience.

Community Members Pray After Morning Bus Crash

There's power in prayer.

How To Fold A Towel Into A Teddy Bear

Perfect for your Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes!

God Promises This To You

When God makes a promise, He keeps it.

No Eyes, No Arms, But Together They're Each Others Eyes And Hands

We hope this story encourages you to see beyond your limitations!

October 17th-23rd's Most Popular Facebook Posts

Here are the top five favorite posts on our the SHINE-FM Facebook page.

Behind the Song: Laura Story's song Open Hands

Laura story shares how brokenness and open hands go together.

10 Easy Trunk-or-Treat Decoration Ideas

Here are 10 fun ways to decorate your trunk for your church's upcoming Trunk-or-Treat outreach! ...

Would you pray for Marjorie?

Marjorie's phone call is one of the calls that just breaks your heart. Would you please join with me in praying for hope, healing, and restoration for her? ...

Don't Play It Safe

Joanna Gaines talks about how life changed outside of her comfort zone.

A Life Lesson from NASCAR

You don't have to be a race car fan to get this.

You Were Made To Rise and Shine

Take a listen to the words in this Danny Gokey song!

7-Year-Old Says Down Syndrome is 'Not Scary'

Video of a little girl explaining why down syndrome is "not scary" goes viral.

3 Ingredient Nutella Cookies

Perfect for when you want a cookie without all the fuss.

Baltimore Celebrates Fleet Week

More than a dozen U.S. and Canadian vessels will be in Baltimore for Fleet Week.

Kid Recites One Bible Verse For Each Letter of the Alphabet

What a great way to memorize Scripture!

New Email Devotion from Casting Crowns

Sign up to get this new one-month devotion from Casting Crowns

The Story Behind Casting Crowns' Just Be Held

Mark Hall shares how God used this song in his own life.

15 Verses For When You Feel Gripped By Fear

We hope these verses bring you some peace.

Dave's Big Surprise

Dave had no idea his son came home early from deployment!

The Tiny Ninja

A mini "Ninja Warrior" course for this adorable 5 year old.

Historic Ellicott City To Reopen

Main Street will be open to traffic on October 6th.

You Were Given Two Gifts This Morning

Did you know that?

Benjamin Watson - Resting But Not Waiting

The Ravens' Benjamin Watson talks faith, football, and family

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Let's take a note from nature.

What Does it Mean To Be Redeemed?

Do you know what the word "redeemed" means?

The Most Incredible Whistler in the World

Seriously. We've never heard anyone else do this.

Freedom Is Waiting For You

Check out this new song on SHINE-FM

In The Eye Of The Storm

A great reminder of Who is in control when the storm rages.

Justin Forsett Loves Playing Football, But He's More Than The Game

The Ravens Justin Forsett joins Jack & Erin to talk the purple and gold, and some faith, too!

After 16 Years of Addiction, Joseph Is One Week Sober

We're so glad Joseph called to tell us how his life is changing.

Are you looking ahead? Or are you looking in the rear view mirror?

In life we go through things we don’t like, regret, and wish we could have done differently.

Pink Nails Today

This elderly woman decided against the clear nail polish. Find out why.

I Just Came Out Here To Tell You I Love You

Not is he the coach, but he's also the pitcher's dad.

The Definition of Perseverance

One of the greatest Olympic moments.

What It's Like To Be A Parent Summed Up In One Video

Every parent has encountered this moment.

They're Olympic Silver Medalists, But They're Christ Followers First

David Boudia and Steele Johnson are Christ followers who happen to be Olympians.

What's On Gymnast Gabby Douglas' Playlist?

What music does an Olympian cartwheel for?

What Courage Looks Like

Some people you meet for a moment, but they make an impression on you for a lifetime.

The Story Behind Francesca Battistelli's song, "If We're Honest"

Francesca shares why this is her favorite song on her album.

Help Ellicott City

Want to help with the relief efforts?

Save 15% on the River Valley Run

This discount code is only available from 7-8am!

He Posted This Sign Outside of His Coffee Shop

He had no idea this sign would go viral, but it's a great reminder.

New Shoes

He couldn't stand seeing this man walking without any shoes.

Haggle To Get Great Deals

Dave Ramsey has some ideas on getting the price with a little "negotiating."

Why You're Having Trouble Hearing Us

Having trouble getting our signal?

13 Year Old Trumpeter And Friend Play Star Wars Theme In Front of John Williams' House

Really. How cool is this?

My Prayer For Today

If your heart feels heavy...

The Ark Encounter

It is a full size Ark built according to the dimensions given in the Bible.

Erin Is... Patriotic

Erin's new outfit is more than patriotic.

Songs To Get You Moving

A playlist that gets you moving, but also fills you up!

What If You Did What's Possible Today?

Why is it that we hold ourselves to impossible perfection?

Our Newest SHINE-FM Song Took My Breath Away

This song took my breath away.

Your 2016 Father Of The Year

At least we think so! See the beautiful thing this dad did for his son.

When You Feel Like A Waste of Space

A reminder that YOU HAVE PURPOSE.

Pray for Big Daddy Weave's Jay

Please for Big Daddy Weave's Jay Weaver.

Little Girl Prays For Officers

This little girl made these officers' day.

A Final Walk For Last 9/11 Dog

It was a fitting tribute for a heroic dog.

His Heart Stopped Beating for 45 Minutes

Doctors can't explain how Tony Yahle came back to life, but his family can.

Chewbacca Mom Sings A Favorite Hymn

There's Power in the Blood!

A Very Special American Girl Doll

The little girl cried tears of joy when she opened the box and saw her new friend.

I Didn't Know She Went To Church

Can others see the difference in us?

Marine Dad's Approach to Deployment

What this dad did for his son before deployment will warm your heart.

More Candace Please!

She's captured our hearts with her bursts of uncontrolled laughter and sheer joy over a simple thing- a Chewbacca mask that she bought from Kohl's. And now, over just a few days,...

Laughter is Contagious

The women in my family love to laugh- together. And when we get going, we snort. It's not attractive, but it's fun. And we have found that laughter is not only good medicine as...

5 Things Your Kids Will Remember

We are always teaching even when we don't mean to!

The Present - a Short Story Giving Everyone Who Watches Major Feels

This a short story that's one major awards for a good reason.

Moose Chimes

I love a windy day. Not so windy that it's cold, but just windy enough to move my hair, a flag, the leaves on a tree, long wispy blades of grass... To be moved by...

A Prayer for America by Anne Graham Lotz

The official prayer on the National Day of Prayer.

The Nichole Nordeman Song That's Taking Over Facebook for Mother's Day

The new Nichole Nordeman song is wrecking mothers everywhere.

Carroll County Officer's Simple Act Of Kindness

This Mt. Airy Sheriff highlights a simple act of kindness by one of his officers.

Biggest Littlest Ravens Fan

So you think you're a big Ravens fan? Meet Jamie. He's just three years old, absolutely adorable and just happens to know all the Ravens players by their jersey numbers. Jamie was...

I Had the Meanest Mom in the World

How mean was she? She was so mean that she...

Does He Really Know What I'm Dealing With

A thought on worry

The Addict On The Train

She didn't want to be near him. Someone else moved closer to him and prayed.

Devotion: Giving Back To God

A quick thought on giving back to God.

That Moment When You Hear the Impact of What You Do

See what made Michael and Duncan from the Newsboys tear up.

A Message To Space

Watch how this daughter sent a message to her astronaut father in space.

Flowers That Bring Double The Joy

Watch what this event planner does with leftover wedding flowers

Trusting God When Circumstances Are Difficult

How to trust God when circumstances are really difficult.

God, You Want Me To Do What??

Eugene Yoon knew God was telling him to something crazy...

The Grateful Swan

This beautiful swan shows her gratitude for being saved.

Baby Caught Worshiping in the Back Seat

Your cute moment of the day!

Man Prays With Puppy

What a good puppy!

Young Man Fulfills Pledge to Help Grandparents Retire

He made a promise to God in the second grade that he would pay off their home!

Officer Spotted Walking 81-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Home

This officer showed true professionalism and care for this woman who had wandered off.

Whose Feet Does Jesus Want You To Wash Today

Some thoughts on this Maundy Thursday...

How a Curtain is Important to the Easter Story

Why is a curtain important to the Easter story?

Prayer At The Drive Thru

What happened when employees at a drive thru noticed a customer crying?

Puppies, Puppies, PUPPIES

Something to make you smile!

Jelly Bean Prayer

Here's a great way to teach your kids about the Gospel!

Eric & Peety

Peety the dog was adopted by Eric. They changed each others lives!

A Fun 10 Minutes

Have you ever been afraid to dream a little?

He Prays Over A Homeless Man

This young man has made his God and his city proud!

Women From Homeless Shelters Get Makeovers

The outside transformations are incredible but, the real beauty radiates from inside of these women.

Respect For The National Anthem

Coach Buzz Williams wasn't happy with his player's behavior during the anthem. He decided to fix that.

Amazing Braids

This mom has some serious braiding skills with her daughter's locks!

My Story: God Used SHINE-FM At The ER

Melissa shares this incredible story of how God used SHINE-FM in one of her scariest moments.

Why Do We Have A Leap Day?

VeggieTales' Bob and Junior Asparagus give a cute explanation.

Parents Tell Step-parents How They Feel About Them

These parents go one on one to read a letter to the step-parent of their children.

The Caring Chorus

These former students gave her the greatest surprise after her fight with cancer.

An Entire Plane Was Given A Choice

A great lesson on coming together!

Love Isn't Irritable

A journey through the characteristics of love.

Six Year Old Speaks For The First Time

It was a miracle for Caiden Lane's parents and it happened at a Chick-fil-A!

Free Prayer Sign

Discover what happens when this pastor puts this sign on the table when he has coffee.

Love isn't... Jealous

A journey through the characteristics of love.

They Wrote Their Biggest Regret On A Blackboard

Most regrets had a single word in common. But, there is hope at the end of the video!

Love is... Kind

Read Day 2 of the Love Is... Devotion about kindness.

Little Boy Serenades Mother

How cute! This little guy just stole mamma's heart. He might get yours too!

Love Is...Patient

A devotion on the characteristics of love.

Love Isn't...Boastful

A journey through the characteristics of love.

Love Isn't... Proud

A journey through the characteristics of love.

Love Isn't... Rude

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Isn't... Demanding

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Keeps No Records of Being Wronged

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Rejoices With The Truth

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Never Gives Up

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.God's love is the most incredible love. It truly is never ending. Even when we continually make poor...

Love Never Loses Faith

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Always Hopes

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

Love Endures

A journey through the characteristics of love, based on 1 Corinthians 13.

A Bearded Lullabye?

He's known as the "Bearded Pianist." Watch how he lulls his baby boy to sleep.

But My Eye WAS On The Ball!

When you feel like you're doing everything right, but everything is going wrong.

Winning A Stuffed Animal For An Elderly Woman

It wasn't just a stuffed toy to this woman.

Barbie's New Look

The iconic doll is changing!

10 Fun Things To Do When It Snows

10 fun things to do in the snow.

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Chicken

An easy and satisfying slow cooker meal.

It Was 24 Years Ago, But It's True Today

dcTalk performs Free At Last on the Arsenio Hall Show.

The Power Of Words

A speech from 1963 still makes an impact today.

Why You Should Always Recycle Your Chick-fil-A Cup

Ever wonder what happens with your Chick-fil-A cup?

Stairs Are Your Friend

Charlotte Gambill shares some timely advice.

Seven Ways Parents Can Push Kids Away From God

As a parent, you may not know you are doing it.

Here's Why You Should Save This Verse

Charlotte Gambill shares why this is an important verse to remember.

Free 30 Day Devotion from Tony Evans

Sign up to receive this free 30 day devotion.

Man Risks His Life to Rescue Frozen Doe

He could leave the little deer alone to die. He had to act fast!

The Best Event!

Powerful, encouraging, and just for women.

Christmas Lights Storage Tip

Do this and there will be no lights to untangle next year.

Twas The Day After Christmas

A poem that perfectly describes the day after Christmas.

A Reminder From Billy Graham

"There is so much more to Christmas than what we see and hear on the radio and television."

It Was Checkmate on Sin from the Very Beginning!

Jesus birth is checkmate on sin!

A Soldier Surprise for Christmas

All this little girl wanted for Christmas was for Daddy to come home.

Free Luke 2:10-11 Facebook Cover Photo

Share the good news of Christmas on your Facebook profile!

The Miracle Kitten

This family found a kitten frozen in the snow. They knew they had to do something.

Feeling Fear? Try Mary's Phrase

This simple statement changed the world.

This One's On Me

Grabbing your morning coffee? Pay for the person behind you in line.

What Happens When God Puts Up A Roadblock

All we wanted to do was give away $1000 in groceries...

You Never Know How You'll Impact Someone's Day

Amanda was an #ActsThatSHINE recipient and it impacted her day.

Bless Your Pastor

Go above and beyond to say thanks to your pastor.

Groceries For Christmas

A table full of food isn't a staple in all homes this Christmas.

More #ActsThatSHINE

Ideas for you and your family to do #ActsThatSHINE.

Leave A Note To Encourage Someone

A small note can make someone's day.

Calming A Crying Baby

This pediatrician has a guaranteed technique. Watch this video!

Pizza Delivery Person Tipped $700

It was a true blessing for this young man trying to change his life.

Free JOY Lock Screen

Put this reminder on your phone to think about spreading JOY at Christmas!

Free Coloring Page - Joy

Download and color this page to spread joy!


We've heard of turducken. But, this desert is at a whole new level!

Little Girl Not Happy About New Brother

Poor little Emma. The baby news was not joyous for her.

5 Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

Simple ways to avoid the average 4,500 calories.

The Custodian Thought He Was Called To The Gym To Clean A Spill

This will be one of this custodian's most memorable days of his life.

Chris Tomlin Meets His Twin

Chris Tomlin meets his twin in the choir.

Matt Wieters Joins Tracey, Mike, and Dave to talk about Thanks & Giving

Matt Wieters talks Helping Up Mission, Orioles, and more.

The Gift Wrap & The Jewel

Take a lesson in aging from this beautiful 92 year old woman.


You DO know squat. Or you will soon.

Know Your Core.

Day 1 - KNOW your core!

Get in line.

Alignment of the spine and supporting core muscles IS important.

Stand Tall

Standing seems like a simple task...until you try to do it 'right.'

Bottoms up

The three muscles that make up the group we call the 'glutes' are pretty fascinating. They work together masterfully and their strength (or more often, weakness) can...

Sit on the wall.

What? How do I 'sit' on the wall? I'll show you!


The dreaded plank... you knew it was coming!

Sit properly and engage.

Engage the core while sitting. Not as easy as you think!

An Amazing Moment Happened on Live TV Last Night

This will give you goosebumps.

5 Thanksgiving Cupcakes You'll Want to Gobble Up

What a fun addition to the Thanksgiving dessert spread!

Colored Turkeys?

What is the world? Turkeys in every Color of the rainbow.

New Way to Rake Leaves

You'll want to try this if you have to rake the yard.

5 "T's" For Your Life

These five T's Will Tell Your Life's Story

7 Minutes to a Healthier You

Can you really get healthier in just 7 minutes a day?

Your Cuteness For The Day

If guinea pigs could talk...

Do You Ever Wish You Had A Sign From God?

Tracey shares how God has used cardinals in her life.

What's My Purpose, God?

If you're asking what your purpose is, here's how to find out.

Carrots, Eggs, & Coffee: A Short Story On Handling Adversity

A short story to make us think about how we handle adversity.

Real Life "Toy Story 3" Bedroom

A really neat tribute to the movie by two brothers who are true fans.

68 Words to Change Your Marriage

Just 68 words that could make a big difference in your marriage.

This Young Man Did Something That Will Make You Smile

This young man gave a reminder that you don't have to know someone to do good to them!

Rescued Baby Deer Won't Leave Man's Side

A great journey for this little deer abandoned by it's mother.

Giving the Surprise Of A Lifetime

This is so heartwarming and shows what happens when we listen!

Students Track Down "Grandma" Who Waved To Them Every Day

What a sweet story!

Amazing 'Cinderella' Costume Transformation

Wow! That is one fancy dress. It's just like the movie!

Dad Writes Anti-Bullying Song For His Daughter

After his daughter was bullied at school this dad knew he had to make a difference.

October Pastor Appreciation Month

Here are 33 ways to bless your pastor this month.

75 Year-Old Man Saves 16 Children From Knife Attack

His Army training kicked in and saved many lives that day!

Don't Just Survive Through Life - THRIVE

A lesson on thriving from the story of Joseph.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #17

Keep this reminder on your phone of just how far you've come!

A Hug And A Whisper

Is anxiety weighing you down? Read this from Matthew West.

Can You Hear Him?

Among the noise surrounding you, how do you hear God's voice?

Traffic Got You Down?

Here's something that will give you a little perspective.

Dear Dad - A Letter To Other Fathers

An open letter to all dads from another dad.

The Easiest Way To Make Steel Cut Oats

Here's a new, quick, easy breakfast idea!

Dad Created A 'Dads And Daughters' Hair Class

Dads learn brushing, ponytails, braids, buns and bonding with their girls.

Veteran's Dog Is His Best Man

A dog is a man's best friend and best man!

Parachutes of Kindness

A unique way to ask people to just "care" for others.

Bart Throws Like a Girl?

Bart Millard of MercyMe demonstrates his athletic prowess...kind of.

Would Beckah Shae Announce This Any Other Way?

So fun! Congratulations, Beckah!

Boy Helps Blind Deer

Before school, this boy would help the blind deer find food.

Bride’s Father Stops Wedding Procession For Amazing Reason

This is what it looks like to put your ego aside.

Are You Carrying Your Faith?

Are you carrying your faith? Or is it carrying you?

Little Girl Catches Fish With "Barbie Pole"

Little Avery catches a whopper with her Barbie fishing pole.

Hope From A Tattered Heart

A lesson from a tiny, bruised leaf.

A Tribute To A NICU Nurse

The families that she served over the years honor her in a special way.

30 Little Things That Mean A Lot To Kids

A great list of ideas for you and your little ones.

Four Year Old Explains Weddings

She said, "Dad, you don't understand weddings."

The Moment An Ex-Con Asks To Pray For A Police Officer

Ex-Con walks up to a cop and says this to him

Mailman Is Boy's Hero

Mailman Mike has a new buddy who helps on his route.

When Your Child "Should" Go To Bed

This chart from an elementary school has some people scratching their heads.

Mom In Coma Awakens When Her Baby Cries

A mother's love runs deep. Read this amazing story!

What's in the box?

“The next time you face something that's unexpected, unwanted, and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.” — Stacey Kramer

Orioles Cameraman Finishes 'American Ninja Warrior'

Way to go Geoff Britten! Way to scale Mt. Midoriyama!

Day One Devotion - Be Still

Matthew West shares how medical scare made him trust God.

Dad of the Day

This dad sets the example on how to be selfless.

9 #MyMarriageTips To Encourage Your Marriage

Marriage tips from SHINE-FM listeners.

Celebrating a different kind of hero

Meet Bretagne, the last known living search and rescue dog that worked at Ground Zero.

30 Things To Pray For Your Children

Let this list guide you as you pray for your children.

Day One Devotion - Clean Yourself Up

A great reminder from Matthew West that God loves us how we are.

Things To Budget For In September

Dave Ramsey has nine things to save some money for this month.

Overwhelmed By Making A Change

Trying to change everything at once can be overwhelming.

Day One Devotion - Don't Miss It

Start today discovering what life to the full is like.

Babies "Fake Sleep"

Watch what happens when they hear the sound of mom's voice on the monitor!

2 Year Old Praising God While Listening to Chris Tomlin's "Our God"

This is adorable

Baby Mac Gets Glasses

He sees mommy clearly for the first time!

"One Day More" Teacher Flash Mob

Teachers meet one day before classes begin. Then this happened.

Turkey Zucchini Loaf (Gluten Free)

I'm not the only one who tries to sneak extra veggies into their food, am I?

Free Haircuts for Kids

Tavares accomplished a dream, but no big bucks here.

Dad And Son Make Inspiring Pact

This dad says, "If he's walking, I'm running."

One Dish Lemon Chicken & Rice

A bright, flavorful one dish meal.

Lunch Box Love Notes

Download, print, cut, and tuck a note in your child's lunchbox.

Husband Plants 4 miles Of Sunflowers To Honor Late Wife

It is a beautiful tribute to celebrate her life!

Parents Back To School Prayer

We join you in praying for your children going back to school.

The Healing Smiles

A little 6 year old boy named Jaden Hayes is determined to make you smile... ...

Remembering Batman

He brought joy to thousands of sick children... We will miss The Route 29 Batman, Lenny Williams.

A Very Special First Pitch

This little girl's prosthetic hand delivers a special first pitch at an O's game.

Why Are These Home Owners Leaving Coolers On Their Front Porch?

Kindness never goes out of style.

It's Never Too Late

How can you mend a broken heart? Go back to school!

5 Prayers for Your Children

Want to pray for your children? Here are 5 prayers to get you started.

Kids talking about God

You may not think your kids are getting it, but they are!

Elderly Man’s Home is Repainted by Strangers

Teenagers were snickering at this man's home. Not anymore!

She Gave Herself 100 Days to Make a Change

Woman gives 100 days to changing her life.

TobyMac's "Feel It" Video

Ready for the surprise ending?

The Story Behind Third Day's song, "Your Words"

Mac Powell shares the story behind their latest song.

Woman Has Grandmother As Bridesmaid

This grandmother almost said no. We're glad she changed her mind!

Nike Creates A Shoe For The Physically Disabled

A 16 Year Old Boy Inspired the brand to make it happen.

HGTV's Joanna Gaines Shares How God Helped Her Conquer Fear

Do you feel afraid of pursing your dreams? This message from HGTV's Joanna Gaines may inspire you.

94 Year Old Woman Purchases 5 Seconds of Commercial Time to Air 3 Word Message on TV

94-year-old Shirley Batchelder has been steadily scratching items off her bucket list, until only one item remained. Her final item? Purchase a television ad. What did she...

Unusual Bucket List Item

This 91 year old man checked this one off in grand fashion!

The Treasure Rock

Children find an unexpected treasure under a rock at school.

Corn Hack

If you love corn on the cob, this little trick could change your life...

DIY Shark Cage

It was a great idea for about a minute. Watch the footage from the Outer Banks.

Is that

What would you do if you found a fish on your sidewalk?

Mommy Is Strong

If your workout is the first to go when you're busy, this might change your mind.

32 Questions to Ask Your Father

These are great questions to get to know your dad or anyone you love in a deeper way.

Battling Unhealthy Snacking

Can snacking separate you from Jesus?

Volvo Reinvents The Car Seat

No more front seat passenger. Make way for baby!

A Moving Piano Performance

A new lease on life after an amazing piano performance.

Sharing the "Ouchie"

When someone you love goes through something hard, you can't always fix it... but maybe you can share the "ouchie".

Out of the Wreck I Rise

Some encouragement from Oswald Chambers when facing trouble.

Fuel, Not Punishment

Sandra joined us for 'Run Your Race Day.' Hear her positive take on training.

An Encounter With A Listener Made Me Take My Health Seriously

Erin shares what made her decide to take her heath seriously.

Keeping Your 'Why' Close By

Here's a way to get a little extra motivation.

Go With It

Have Your Plans Been "Ruined" Because of the Weather? Just Go With It!

Daddy and Daughter's Random Acts of Kindness

This daddy and daughter made many people smile for 39 days!

Glad to See You!

Warning: A smile is imminent.

10 Texts You Should Send To Your Spouse

Send one everyday for the next 10 days and see what happens.

Don't Touch the Chairs

The quirkiness of my beloved hometown of Catonsville is on display right now!

Sea Turtle Saved!

Contestants on a reality show rescued and resuscitated a sea turtle caught in a net.

Bottled Waters Recalled

Here you'll find brand information and stores the bottles were sold in.

The Sound of a Father's Voice

Michael Jr., shares how his daughter instant recognized his voice in the delivery room.

A Duct Tape Tie For Dad

Doesn't every dad need a duct tape tie for Fathers Day?

Give Something or Get Something Board

What happens when you hang a bulletin board with money on it in a busy area?

7 Times Dads Saved The Day

Here 7 times when these dads showed their super-hero powers.

Marcus Stanley's Response to the Charleston Suspect is POWERFUL

This will challenge how you responded.

11 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

11 things John wants his daughter to know on Father's Day.

Unconventional List of Summer Homework

We love this list! It's not just for students.

Man Throws Out First Pitch With His Feet

Tom Willis will amaze and inspire you before

Need a Rainbow?

Here are three promises you can hold on to.

10 Life Changing Things Elisabeth Elliot Said

Remembering Elisabeth Elliot through her words.

Meaningful Gifts For Father's Day

Skip the tie. These are the gifts that Dads need and want!

Plumb - "Exhale" Video

What happens when you mix Plumb and Cirque du Soleil?

Hope in a Landfill

Living next to one of the largest landfills in South America, these kids in Cateura Paraguay are turning trash into beautiful music...

When The Light Inside Feels Broken

Tauren of Royal Tailor reminds us who our light is.

Hillsong - Let Hope Rise Official Trailer

The Hillsong documentary is in theaters September 30th. Watch the trailer here!

God Signs

Sometimes all you need is a sign.

How To Make Your Fresh Picked Strawberries Last Longer

Going strawberry picking? Here's how to extend the life of your strawberries.

You Think This Video Is About A Man and His Dog But It's So Much More

Stick around to the end. WOW.

The Real Story Behind National Donut Day

Did you know National Donut Day has an actual meaning?

WATCH NOW: Animals In Mirrors

What happens when you put a mirror in the middle of the jungle?

Senior Class Donates Class Trip Funds To Help With Principal's Cancer Treatments

A heartwarming story of some caring teens.

Fighting To Have Joy

If you struggle with feeling joy every day, this might give you some relief.

3 Things To Do When You're Overwhelmed

Here's some advice from Tracey and Erin.

What Happens When Two Kids Give A Bible To A Bully

They wanted to fight back, but God told them to do something different.

"What are these, Dad?" the son ask when seeing rows of tombstones.

The dad's response will make you misty.

Recipe: Lemon Cream

Just three ingredients and five minutes is all you need to make this sweet tart topping for fruit.

Local Graduation Reunites Fire Victim And Rescuer

Simply beautiful. What a happy Graduation.

When the Acoustics Are Right, Sing!

Guests at a hotel in Iowa received a pleasant surprise.

Boy Prays For Homeless Man

This beautiful moment happened in a Waffle House.

Colonel Sanders Is Back!

WATCH: Does the new Colonel Sanders remind you of the old?

11 Year Old Teaches Forgiveness

Read about the incredible wisdom and heart this sweet girl has.

Josh Wilson Could Play Any Guitar But He Chooses This One Because...

Josh Wilson shares the story behind his well loved guitar.

When A Student's Baby Started Crying...

...this professor did the most amazing thing!

How to Pray for the Toxic People in Your Life

Toxic people are all around us. Did you know God loves them too?

Qdoba Worker’s Lovely Act of Kindness

Warning. Watching this video will make you smile!

A Robot Performed Surgery On A Wounded Grape

WATCH NOW: It's oddly super cute!

Denzel Washington's Graduation Speech

Watch his inspirational speech. We should all take his words to heart.

Lead Me Where The Light Is

Dan shares the inspiration behind his song, "Where the Light Is."

Healthy Eating Tips

Beth, our resident Certified Nutrition Consultant, shares tips on healthy eating.

Wondering If You're Doing a Good Job Raising Your Kids? Watch This

Kids tell their parents exactly how they're doing.

Mom Lip-Sync's Her Daughters Tantrum

WATCH: She's got some skills!

Son Asks Mother To Prom

Belinda wasn't able to go to her own prom. Her son decided to change that.

She's Blind and Saw Her Baby for the First Time

You'll need tissues for this one.

Jesus Gave Us Permission To Bug Him

Did you know Jesus gave us permission to bug him with prayer?

National Day of Prayer

May 7th, 2015 is the National Day of Prayer. Will you pray for our nation?

When To Eat

Beth, Team SHINE's Certified Nutrition Consultant, talks about when you should eat your meals.

Little Girl Is "Movin' On"

This little girl has had enough!

Blanca Teaches Tracey, Mike, and Dave How To Rap

Blanca drops by the morning show and teaches them how to rap.


Feeling thirsty? Make sure to reach for water first!

8 Photos That Help Restore the Charm of Charm City

8 images to restore your hope in Baltimore's people.

They Asked the Pastor If He Believed In Miracles

Pastor Hickman believed in miracles before and he still does.

Dr. Tony Evans Sharing His Hurt For Baltimore

Dr. Tony Evans shares his hurt, hope and vision for Baltimore.

Where Hope Grows

Where Hope Grows is a story of finding redemption through faith, hope and love.

MercyMe's Video For Flawless

The way we see ourselves vs how God sees us is drastically different!

Tim Hawkins Tribute to Mark Hall's Kidney

Tim Hawkins sings, "One is the Loneliest Kidney."

Paralyzed Girl Surpises Her Nurse By Walking

This video will make you cry and smile big at the same time.

Life Lessons Written by a 90-Year-Old Woman

We love this woman's wisdom and her heart.

The Bond Between a Mother & Child Defies the Blindfold Test

A beautiful commercial from Pandora showing the unique connection between a mom and her child.

Unrelated Twins Meet

Your doppelganger is out there! This video will make you look twice.

The Best Kept Secret

Friends and family thought the big surprise was the baby's gender...

Restaurant Owner Shares Positive Message With Person Who Dug Through Her Dumpster

This restaurant owner chose compassion instead of anger.

5 Things Taxpayers Are Irrationally Afraid Of - And Shouldn't Be

5 Things Taxpayers Are Irrationally Afraid Of - And Shouldn't Be

Dad Puts Baby To Sleep In Less Than A Minute

You'll want to try this amazingly easy technique. Watch this video!

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #16

Keep this reminder from Love & The Outcome on your phone!

5 Things You Should Know Today

These are five things we want you to know about yourself today!

Little Girl Shows Gratitude to Police

These officers couldn't help but get a little choked up. Watch the video.

Boy Meets His Hero...The Garbage Man

It was almost too much to take for this young man.

Holy Week Timeline

Be reminded of how it unfolded with this descriptive timeline.

Being Different

You were created for a specific purpose!

Chris August Sings "Starry Night" as Kermit the Frog

This is something we never thought we'd hear.

for KING & COUNTRY on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Not a night owl? It's ok, we got you covered.

"God Is With Us" - Teen Finds Hope After Tornado

A 14 year old shares a sign of hope after a terrible storm.

Interesting Use Of HOV Lane

A driver got a ticket for trying to carpool with a cardboard cutout!

Color Blind People See Color For The First Time

Color. Another gift from God we should never take for granted. Watch this video.

A Letter From A Mother To Her Daughter

It's tempting to get frustrated with our parents as they get older, but here's what they want us to know.

My Story: God Knows Just When To Put Things In Your Life

Sue suffered an incredible loss, but she tells how God came through for her.

My Story: Staying Connected to Home

Listen to Tim who called from Seattle this morning.

My Story: I Won a Prize In The Nick Of Time

How a prize turned into a trip that will never be forgotten.

My Story: How I Got My Smile Back

Susan shares how 95.1 SHINE-FM helped her get her smile back.

My Story: I Was Arrested For A Crime I Didn't Commit

Ray shares how God helped come to a place of forgiveness after being falsely arrested.

Chuck's Story: $8 Can Change Lives

Chuck gave his best gift and it will change lives.

My Story: How A Song Saved My Life

Jennifer shares her story of a Tenth Avenue North song saved her life.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #15

Download this free wallpaper as a reminder of what Jesus did for you.

Update on Mark Hall: The Pathology Report Is In

Melanie Hall shares the news from the pathology report.

Bacon Cherry Pie for Pi Day

Since this Pi Day (3/14) won't happen for another 100 years, this year requires an extra special pie!

Entire Town Learns Sign Language For One Man

What a cool video! Watch this young man who is hearing impaired be moved to tears.

Blind Golden Retriever Becomes A Therapy Dog

This dog's name is Smiley. We guarantee his story will make you smile too!

A Note From Mark Hall's Wife: How To Pray Specifically for Mark Today

An update from Melanie Hall on Mark's surgery day and how we can pray for them.

Lauren Daigle - "How Can It Be"

Watch Lauren's live performance of her amazing song.

Nobody Cares About Me

If you feel like there are times when God doesn't care about you, you aren't alone.

Cool Senior Prank On Principal

The "prank" these seniors played on their Principal will tug at the old heart strings!

Pray For Casting Crowns' Mark Hall

There is an urgent need for your prayers!

Dad Creates Awesome Princess Pancakes

March 3rd is National Pancake Day. Check out this dad rocking "the batter."

How To Make Resurrection Rolls

Here's a fun and hands on way for your children to learn the story of the Resurrection.

Resurrection Cookies

Resurrection Cookies are a fun way to communicate the Resurrection story to your children.

My Story: A Billboard Made the Difference

Debbie stopped by the station today to share her excitement with us.

Man Pronounced Dead Until Doctor Prays

Dr. Crandel did all he could for his patient, but it was too late. Or was it?

Texting Your Wife

Tim Hawkins points out the differences in the way husbands and wives text.

Mother Hears Late Son's Heart Beat Inside Organ Recipient

This mother lost her son and donated his organs. She recently heard his heart beat inside of the recipient.

Why Moms Seem To Never Get Anything Done

You've just cleaned the house and it's messy again. This video explains everything!

Jamie Grace Visits The Doctors

The Doctors invited Jamie Grace on their show to talk about her battle with Tourette Syndrome.

Teen stops car to shovel snow for man with walker

This young man gets a virtual high five from us!

This Mom Stopped Yelling At Her Kids

This mother had a revelation when it came to yelling at her own children.

The Story Behind "Beyond Me"

TobyMac shares the story behind his song, "Beyond Me."

6 To Dos for Buying a Home

Thinking about making a move? Don't miss these tips!

Prepare To Have Your Heart Melted

How do you know God loves you? These SHINE kids share how they know and it will make you smile.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #13

Feel the love when you look at this free wallpaper on your phone!

Before He Died, This Texas Man Did Something Amazing for His Wife

The gift he left behind for his wife is truly touching.

Were You There At the Hippodrome?

Throwback to 2010 when MercyMe played at the Hippodrome Theater.

Valentine's Day for the Single Person

Valentine's Day can hurt when you're single...but it doesn't have to.

Couple Married 56 Years Featured By Hallmark Cards

Bob & Kim were asked how they felt about each other without using the word "love."

73-Year-Old Kisses Mom For First Time

His mother gave him up for adoption. The reunion happened for Bruce at age 73.

Deer Follows Woman To Be Bottle Fed

Cuteness alert! This woman calls a deer from the woods and it follows her inside.

Two Ingredient Nutella Brownies

Eggs+ Nutella = yummy brownies...Oh yeah!

Beef & Sweet Potato Stew

A hearty beef stew with a hint of jerk seasoning. Great fall/winter meal!

Teen Gets A Little Extra Help For A Job Interview

A teen looks for a clip on tie and gets so much more.

In the Storm: Five Things I Choose to Believe About God

What you believe during the storm changes how you make it to the shore.

for KING & COUNTRY on the Today Show

Watch them perform "Fix My Eyes" on the Today Show.

Babies Going Through Tunnels

The faces, oh the faces, as they go through the tunnel!

Dad Is A Rockstar At Hair Braiding

A single father visited a cosmetology school to learn to braid his daughter's hair.

Man's Daily 21-Mile Trek Inspires Donations

James Robertson walks 21 miles to and from work everyday.

Michael W. Smith Sings "Friends" with Friends

Enjoy this fun Throwback Thursday moment from the 2003 Dove Awards.

A Quote Worth Sharin'

If you are a C.S. Lewis Fan, you'll enjoy this.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Go know you want to...

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #12

Thanks to SHINE listener Sara for giving inspiration for the weekly download.

The Biggest Picture Ever Taken Will Make You Feel Small

NASA recently shared the largest picture ever taken. It's incredible and will put your world in perspective!

Help! I'm Stuck!

Cute family moment when a kid gets stuck behind the couch.

The Story Behind MercyMe's Song Greater

Bart tears up sharing how God used their song "Greater" to help his son.

A Miracle In A Bag of Groceries

Sandra shares how God provided through a stranger at the grocery store.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #11

Download our latest encouraging wallpaper for your phone!

Dying Man's Video Message To His Infant Daughter

This father is an inspiration for all Christians in uncertain times.

Empathy vs Sympathy

What's the difference between being sympathetic and empathetic?

Epic Disney Medley

This guy and girl sing Disney faves...and do all the parts!

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #10

Grab the latest wallpaper for your phone!

Third Day - Cry Out To Jesus - 2006 Dove Awards

Travel back in time and see Third Day sing Cry Out To Jesus in 2006.

A Prayer for the New Year

Here's a prayer to help shape your new year.

How To Say No When You Need To

Lysa TerKeurst shares tips on how to say 'no' graciously.

Crockpot Quinoa

Delicious heart healthy recipe and easy to do do in your slow cooker!

The First Time Mandisa Shoveled Snow

Mandisa had never shoveled snow...until she met Jack & Erin.

Gaston vs. Tourist

WATCH this epic push-up contest in Walt Disney World.

Love and Pancakes

I never imagined myself a step-mom. Now at 50, I'm a step-mom who made pancakes for the first time.

Just 5 More Minutes, Dad

Sometimes, we just need a reminder that time flies.

VeggieTales with TobyMac & Owl City

All ages will love this jam from Veggie Tales. Try not to dance. We dare you.

Linda's Breakfast Casserole

Enjoy this Christmas morning breakfast tradition from Tracey.

Corn Flakes Holly Things

Try this family favorite recipe.

Danish Jam Ribbons

These festive jam ribbons will look beautiful on your Christmas cookie plate.

Mint Brownie Magic (Jar) Cookies

This mix in a jar recipe makes rich, chocolate mint cookies.

Looking for work this winter?

Akehurst is hiring for its snow and ice team. Learn more.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #9

Enjoy this Christmas themed wallpaper for your phone!

Presents Instead of Traffic Tickets

These motorists get a Christmas surprise instead of a ticket!

Gift Wrapping Trick

This little trick will help you quickly wrap presents like a pro!

An Amazing Thing Happened At BWI Airport

An amazing thing happened today at BWI Airport that will make you smile.

Steven Curtis Chapman Sings Christmas Is All In The Heart

A live moment from the 95.1 SHINE-FM Family Christmas Concert.

Boy Becomes UPS Driver

Four Year Old Carson's Dream Comes True!

6-year-old girl asks for holiday cards for her last Christmas

Addie is likely celebrating her last Christmas. Would you send her a Christmas Card?

The Most Epic Black Friday Speech

Scott Sims, a local guy, delivers this awesome Black Friday motivational speech.

Michael W. Smith Surprises Soldier

A soldier from Fort Campbell got a surprise visit from his favorite artist.

Charley Crowson plays Ah-Um game

Watch Charley Crowson from ABC 2 play the Ah-Um game!

A Christmas Wish Comes True

614 people sent in their wishes answering "All I Want for Christmas Is..." Kim's wish came true.

Apple Praline Pie Recipe

Apple pie gets a makeover this Thanksgiving!

Need to Feel Joy?

Need a glimpse of joy? Reading this Bible verse might be what you need.

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Fit Friday with Jimmy Page is all about staying healthy this holiday season. Listen here.

Canadian Hockey Fans to the Rescue

What happens when a singer's microphone cuts out in the middle of the National Anthem? This.

A Brother's Love

See the amazing love of an older brother who cares for his sibling who has Cerebral Palsy.

Amazing Toys Made of Cardboard

Buy them toys and all they want to do is play with the boxes! Here's what to do.

Thanksgiving Dishes State By State

The most popular Thanksgiving dish in every single state.

Amazing Performance of 'Oceans'

These girls can SING!

Rick Warren - Whatever it Takes Prayer

Tracey read this Rick Warren speech on-air. Here it is in writing.

Toddlers Sneak Into Paint

This dad can't stop laughing at his two little guys covered in paint.

Show-stopping sweet potatoes

New ideas for those old sweet potatoes this Thanksgiving.

Chris Davis on God, Baltimore & Suspension

The suspension, his faith in God, and helping the homeless. Listen here.

Father Becomes Spiderman for Son

A special birthday surprise for a toddler who who has terminal brain cancer.

Turn Cookies To Cookie Butter

Satisfy your sweet tooth and discover a cool new spread!

Fire Fighter Saves Kitten

A sweet video that will melt your heart.

Most Popular Verse in the Bible According to Amazon

What's the most popular Bible verse according to Amazon?

A Beautiful Wedding Dance

A paraplegic Afghanistan veteran dances with his wife, wheelchair free.

Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant from '88

Travel back to 1988 and see Michael W. Smith sing "Find A Way" with Amy Grant.

National Tree Tracker

Track the tree that will proudly stand on the lawn of our nation's capitol.

This Is How You Honor A Veteran

This will make you proud and a little misty.

Veteran Pays It Forward

A retired veteran and good samaritan pays it forward to a group of soldiers.

It's As Fun To Give As It Is To Receive

We can't tell who is more excited - the giver or the receiver!

Sadie Robertson's 'Adam & Eve' Dance

Duck Dynasty star brings the Bible to Dancing With The Stars.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #8

Download this free wallpaper for your phone!

College Football Players Use God's Strength To Save Man

Two college football players save the life of a man nearly crushed.

It's A Girl!

Congratulations to Meredith Andrews - it's a girl!

Photoshop Fun With Mom

This woman photoshops herself into her mother's childhood photos.

Baby Hugs Military Daddy's Picture

This is the cutest thing you will see all day!

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #7

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How These Young Men Help The Homeless Will inspire You

Two guys outfit their van with a washer and dryer for the homeless.

Noah Gets His First Taste of Root Beer

Noah got his first taste of root beer and it's hilarious.

Widower Dines Alone and Shows True Love Never Dies

When this widower dined alone, he had the entire restaurant talking.

Learning To Say No

Do you say yes when in heart you really want to say no? This article is for you.

5 Ways To Bless Your Pastor

Five great ideas to honor the ones who lead us in ministry.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #6

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Dave Ramsey On Success

Dave Ramsey is on our sister station AM1230 WRBS. Here are his thoughts on success.

Parental "Last Call" List

The Parent's 'Last Call' List for Senior Year. Start checking these items off!

Cheeseburger Mini Meatloaf

These mini cheeseburger meatloaves taste like summer!

"Hope In Front of Me" Fan Video

Danny Gokey's fans share the hope in front of them... very moving.

The $1,248.68 tip

James Gilpin delivered a $12 dollar pizza and received a $1,258 tip.

World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Erin shares the recipe for her award winning chocolate chip cookies.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #5

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Where To Begin

Christina has some motivation on how to begin an exercise routine.

Dirty Hearts, Dirty Hands

Why did Casting Crowns' Mark Hall rub syrup and dirt all over his teams' hands?

Charlie Bucket Today

See what Charlie from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" looks like today.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #4

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DIY Frozen Dress

Easy instructions for creating an Elsa Dress from the movie "Frozen."

Beautiful Chaos

Must watch - you'll be stunned by the final image!

When We Get Hurt

I was at a café when something happened that invoked a reaction in me I never expected.

Free Smart Phone Wallpaper #3

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Flexing Baby

This dad and his baby son are having way too much fun "flexing."

Dad Makes Pancake Art

Nathan Shield makes amazing pancake art for his kids.

641 Pound Pumpkin

A man in Manchester grew a 641 pound pumpkin!

A Living Disney Movie

Frolicking in the leaves with a fawn? This is every little girl's dream come true.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #2

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The Best Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes the advice you need comes when you least want it.

Frank's Bucket List

According to the doctors, Frank Henderson only has weeks to live.

These Students Do Something Radical

Thousands of students around the USA pray at their flag pole.

Pumpkin Fluff

You're only 4 ingredients away from an EASY fall dessert!

What Steals Your Joy?

Sara Wallace wrote an terrific blog about things that steal our joy.

Apollos Hester Believes In You!

High school football player gives inspirational interview for the ages.

Marines Sing Days Of Elijah

You've never heard "Days of Elijah" sung like this before!

Christian Rapper On The Tonight Show

Lecrae performed on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Saying No Gracefully

Christian Author Lysa TerKeurst has some insight on saying "no" with love and grace.

Free Smart Phone Wall Paper #1

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To Hannah, From Taylor

See the inspiring note Taylor Swift left for a young fan on Instagram.

Orioles' Player Helps Crash Victim

Chris Davis helped in a crash by turning over a truck on 295.

Seniors Shine Teaching English

A heartwarming story of Brazilian students learning how to speak English for American seniors

Coffee In An Edible Waffle Cup

Coffee served in an edible waffle cup? The morning crew would like three.

Little House On The Prairie Anniversary

It was 40 years ago (September 11, 1974) that those adorable girls came running and tumbling down the hill and into America's heart. Earlier this year, the Today Show on NBC...

God Restores, Rebuilds, And Renews

Look at Ezekiel 36 to see that you are not an exception to how God works.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

13 things we learned in kindergarten that matter today!

Firefighters' Act of Kindness

Why are these firefighters mowing the lawn? Click here to find out why.

Easiest Pumpkin Spice Latte Ever

Save your money and make this EASY pumpkin spice latte at home!

Shockingly Good Pumpkin Chili

Pumpkin? In chili? Yes! And it gets rave reviews every time.

Beauty In The Struggle

Is there purpose in your struggle?

Start Over

Read this when you're feeling frustrated with life.

"This Is Exasperating!"

This little boy is less than happy to find out he's going to be a big brother.

Toddler Discovers His Eyebrows

Get a good laugh from Baby Leon here.

"God! You Don't Understand!"

Do you ever feel like God doesn't really "get" how you feel?

Time to Recharge

10 practical ways to recharge...and why it's so important.

5 Practical Tips to Show Thanks

Don't underestimate the power of the words 'Thank You.' We often feel that we have to do grand gestures of thanks, but two simple words mean a lot. Here...

Italian Zucchini Bake

Make this yummy recipe with your overload of zucchini this summer!

Almond Honey Power Bars

Easy to make, customize as you want, and watch everyone ask for more!

12 Practices for a Healthy Life

12 practices for a healthy life based in biblical truths.


If you've read the account in the Bible about Jesus walking on water, did it occur to you no one had ever, ever seen someone walk on water before? ...

Asian Peanut Penne

I decided to branch out this morning and try something different for lunch. ...

10 Bible Verses When Life Is Uncertain

Read these verses when life feels uncertain to revive your spirit.

Ready For Change

Do nothing and get nothing. ...

6 More Songs About God's Love

When you need a reminder of how much God loves you, take a listen to these songs and remember these words from God, "For the Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty...

6 Verses to Remind You of God's Faithfulness

1. "True, some of them were unfaithful; but just because they were unfaithful, does that mean God will be unfaithful? Of course not! Even if everyone else is a liar,...

Finishing Strong

So…how are those resolutions? Do you remember the one you made in January?  ...

How's Your Life?

We like to mark things off. Once we do, we then group them into sets. We take the sets and pull them together to make groups of sets. Seconds turn into minutes, hours into days,...

6 Songs About God's Love

Sometimes we need a reminder of how much God really loves us. These 6 songs will help.

Puffed Cereal Bars

Have you ever looked at the ingredients listed in the boxed granola bars? Even the healthy ones? It seems like it should be much simpler than what's listed. I just want...

Just Stay Calm

The Israelites were a whiney bunch, weren't they? God rescued them over and over again, and they whined at the slightest hiccup. ...

Jerky Christians

I’m a Christian and sometimes I’m a jerk. ...

Love Take Me Over

One thing I've learned about people is they just want to be heard. They want to know someone is listening and that someone cares about them. I think our greatest need is to know...

What Happens When You Get Squeezed?

When you squeeze a tube of toothpaste, what comes out of it? ...


I had a conversation with my Dad this week that reminded me of my Heavenly Father's approach to forgiveness. ...