Are You OK? A Lesson From Meghan Markle's Interview

So there was something that caught my attention over the weekend... It was a little clip of an interview that a guy named Tom Bradby did with Duchess Meghan Markle. And he's asking her about how she dealt with the negative press during her pregnancy and asking her if it was hard. This clip was so riveting to me for a number of reasons. 

First of all, the tenderness of the interviewer - he was so compassionate. Secondly, the authenticity of Megan Markle talking to the press about something that was obviously very painful in her life. You can see the tears sitting on the rims of her eyes as she talks about the vulnerability of being pregnant and how it was really hard to deal with the press. Then having a new born and they're still coming at her.

She then does the most amazing thing - she thanks the reporter for asking her the question "Are you OK?" Because she said "quite honestly, not many people have asked [her]"

They just assume she is. Because she literally lives in a castle. We assume that about a lot of people who look like they have it all. We assume that they're OK.

Why not take that little example and just ask somebody today - "Are you OK?"