Big Daddy Weave's Song 'Redeemed' Changed Zach Williams' Life

Recently, new SHINE-FM artist Zach Williams sat down with The Christian Post's Jeannie Law to talk about how God broke the chains of drug and alcohol addiction in him and how He used Big Daddy Weave to start the transformation.

William shared that he was driving cross country with his rock 'n roll band when he heard Big Daddy Weave's song, "Redeemed," come on the radio. "It spoke to me in that moment and God told me: 'I've given you a gift; I've given you all these things and this is what you're going to use it for for the rest of your life?' Then I called my wife from the hotel room and told her that whenever this tour was over I was going to quit my band and come home and start going to church. I think that was the moment for me when everything changed and turned around."

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