Fall Comfort Food

Ahhhh....A crisp, windy autumn weekend calls for sweaters, scarves, hikes in the woods and comfort food! We wanted to share with you 2 of our favorite comfort food recipes. I use...

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes, the advice you need comes when you least want it.

Marriage Isn't About Staying In Love - It's About This

The hard work of marriage isn’t staying in love. It’s staying in like.

When You're Being Tested

If your faith is being tested right now, you might appreciate this encouragement.

Work In Progress

God’s still working. And God always finishes what He starts.

Hear, Listen, Follow.

Lord, what am I doing wrong?

My Morning Reminder

His word cuts through the darkness so you can hear His voice.

What Tupperware Taught Me

Tupperware. ...

Are You Being Stretched?

God has your back.

When You Don't Know What To Do

Ever been “there”? You know, when you’re confused, insecure, frustrated, upset, and so jumbled you’re not exactly sure you’re thinking right? Or even going to make it?

When You Take A Day...

Maybe you just need a day to see things clearly. A lot can change when you take a day.

How Do I Love My Enemies?

Loving my enemies: It’s hard to do. And, honestly, sometimes, it’s my last resort.

Sometimes I'm A Jerky Christian

I'm a Christian. And sometimes I don't act like it.

Learning Your Love Language

What's your love language?

2018 Doesn't Define You

You are bigger than your past mistakes and the things that happened to you or because of you.

Erin's Favorite Christmas

Erin Branham's favorite Christmas might surprise you!

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving traditions from Jack and Erin!

The Power of Four

How reading the Bible with my wife changed our lives greatly.

God, Is This Thing On?

You don’t have to carry the weight of the microphone.

Change Can Be Beautiful

Fall has a way of easing us in to something new.

The Security We Have Through Jesus

We don’t ever have to wonder if God's love will run out or if He will run out on us.

Welcome, Misfits: A Plea to New Listeners of Our Radio Show

We’re oddballs, welcomed at God’s table. And, please know… you’re welcome at ours.

The 8 Things I Want To Do This Summer

Summer is here, which is so great considering we’ve been in monsoon season in Maryland for the last couple of months. I’d like to see about four or five days with no rain. How...

I Got An Invitation To TobyMac’s Lake House

Would I like to spend a couple days with TobyMac at his lake house?

I Became A Grandfather and Gained A New Appreciation For Mothers

When my daughter became a mother, I gained a whole new appreciation for mothers.

Guess Who Came Back In The Studio?

I'm baaack! I'm Riley, and John is my daddy. Today is "Take Your Children To Work Day," so my daddy brought me to the radio station with him again. The last time I was here, I was...

Walking A Mile In My Dad’s Shoes Changed My Perspective

An opportunity to go with her dad to work gave Erin a new perspective of her Dad.

Could You Unplug for a Day?

I am going to unplug March 9-10. Care to join me?

Dave's Love Language Is...

Knowing love languages could very well change your relationships for the better.

3 Things Dave Paul Loves about Winter

Winter - I’m not a fan. But, God didn’t place me in a location that has summer year round, so...

My One Word For 2018 Is...

What's your one word for the new year?

3 Things Jack Larkin Loves about Winter

"Jack, in January we'd like to get your take on three things you like about winter." ...

Get To Know The Music Week - Our Favorite Songs

We are spending the final days of 2017 helping you Get to Know the Music!

Dave's Favorite Christmas

What is Dave Paul's "best ever" Christmas?

5 Things Jack Larkin is Thankful For

It's in the messiness of this life that I find Jesus.

5 Things John Lawhon is Most Thankful For

Thanksgiving prepares you for a broken heart.

5 Things Tracey Tiernan is Most Thankful For

Thankful. It’s something that we should feel, right? ...