Club 1111

Exclusive nightclubs. Ever been in one? We see these kinds of places featured on entertainment shows. The long velvet rope where people line up to get in, the rich and beautiful...

What Are You Chasing?

God's love is better than what's trending and all the things that we chase after.

Overwhelmed By Making A Change

Trying to change everything at once can be overwhelming.

What If You Did What's Possible Today?

Why is it that we hold ourselves to impossible perfection?

Looking for Suicide Risk Signs

The news that fashion designer Kate Spade took her life sent shockwaves through the world. The world was stunned to know that she had been suffering from severe depression when...

Overcoming Molehills

Here are 3 things I've learned so far this year...

Three Lessons Billy Graham Taught Me About Aging Well

Billy Graham once said getting old is not easy. But, even so, I and the rest of the world, got a real-time lesson in how to age well.

Reflecting on 2017

We tend to go into the new year with high expectations for change.

Mandisa Given Opportunity To Glorify God on TV

Watch Mandisa on Good Morning America!

What's On Gymnast Gabby Douglas' Playlist?

What music does an Olympian cartwheel for?

Save 15% on the River Valley Run

This discount code is only available from 7-8am!

Songs To Get You Moving

A playlist that gets you moving, but also fills you up!


You DO know squat. Or you will soon.

Sit on the wall.

What? How do I 'sit' on the wall? I'll show you!

Bottoms up

The three muscles that make up the group we call the 'glutes' are pretty fascinating. They work together masterfully and their strength (or more often, weakness) can...

Stand Tall

Standing seems like a simple task...until you try to do it 'right.'

Sit properly and engage.

Engage the core while sitting. Not as easy as you think!

Get in line.

Alignment of the spine and supporting core muscles IS important.

Know Your Core.

Day 1 - KNOW your core!


The dreaded plank... you knew it was coming!

7 Minutes to a Healthier You

Can you really get healthier in just 7 minutes a day?

Orioles Cameraman Finishes 'American Ninja Warrior'

Way to go Geoff Britten! Way to scale Mt. Midoriyama!

She Gave Herself 100 Days to Make a Change

Woman gives 100 days to changing her life.

Mommy Is Strong

If your workout is the first to go when you're busy, this might change your mind.

Battling Unhealthy Snacking

Can snacking separate you from Jesus?

Fuel, Not Punishment

Sandra joined us for 'Run Your Race Day.' Hear her positive take on training.

An Encounter With A Listener Made Me Take My Health Seriously

Erin shares what made her decide to take her heath seriously.

Keeping Your 'Why' Close By

Here's a way to get a little extra motivation.

Bottled Waters Recalled

Here you'll find brand information and stores the bottles were sold in.

A Robot Performed Surgery On A Wounded Grape

WATCH NOW: It's oddly super cute!

Healthy Eating Tips

Beth, our resident Certified Nutrition Consultant, shares tips on healthy eating.

When To Eat

Beth, Team SHINE's Certified Nutrition Consultant, talks about when you should eat your meals.


Feeling thirsty? Make sure to reach for water first!

How To Say No When You Need To

Lysa TerKeurst shares tips on how to say 'no' graciously.

Staying Healthy Through The Holidays

Fit Friday with Jimmy Page is all about staying healthy this holiday season. Listen here.

Advice For Learning To Say No

Do you say yes when in heart you really want to say no? This article is for you.

Where To Begin

Christina has some motivation on how to begin an exercise routine.

Time to Recharge

10 practical ways to recharge...and why it's so important.

Puffed Cereal Bars

Have you ever looked at the ingredients listed in the boxed granola bars? Even the healthy ones? It seems like it should be much simpler than what's listed. I just want...