Danny Gokey Playing Hurt

Danny Gokey just wrapped up his latest tour and we were thrilled to have him here in Maryland on November 7th. What blew me away besides his amazing voice? His non-stop energy!...

Grateful for the Gifts

This Thanksgiving may you see the gifts all around you and may it fill your heart with joy and shape the way you live.

God Sees You When No One Else Does

Have you ever been in a crowd and felt completely and utterly alone? ...

Here's Some Instant Encouragement

These comments from listeners like you during Spring Fundraiser will encourage you!

My Story: How I Got My Smile Back

Susan shares how 95.1 SHINE-FM helped her get her smile back.

My Story: 20 Years Of Prison Led To A Pivotal Moment

For Sharon, 20 years of prison led to a pivotal moment where Jesus would change her life. And now 95.1 SHINE-FM helps her on her faith journey every day.

My Story: Last Year, My Life Was Falling Apart

I sent my husband to rehab. Our baby had a disability. I was alone caring for it all.

My Story: How I'm Finding Hope After My Sister Was Murdered

Chris shares his family's struggle and what's keeping them going.

My Story: I Will Trust, No Matter What

Growing up, my mom listened to 95.1 SHINE-FM, but I just wanted to listen to pop music.

My Story: God Used A Temp Job To Change My Life

God used a radio on someone else's desk to change my life.

My Story: I Was Lost When My Husband Died

When he died, my whole world crumbled.

My Story: In That Moment, I Knew My Life Was Changed

My father died when I was 17.

My Story: I Grew Up In Church But Just Gave My Life To Christ

Sierra grew up in church, but never really met Jesus.

My Story: How I'm Finding Hope After My Sister Was Murdered

Chris shares his family's struggle and what's keeping them going.

My Story: God Used Francesca Battistelli's Song to Get Me Honest About My Addiction

How "If We're Honest" changed Ronnie's life.

My Story: Why I Painted My Wall Green After My Cancer Diagnosis

Tracey shares why this green wall is symbolic to her.

My Story: People Think I Accidentally Leave My Radio On In My Garage But I Tell Them This

Ken shares why he always leaves his radio on full blast!

My Story: I Only Went To Bible Study To Shut My Husband Up

Janet shares how God rocked her world.

My Story: God Used SHINE-FM At The ER

Melissa shares this incredible story of how God used SHINE-FM in one of her scariest moments.

My Story: Staying Connected to Home

Listen to Tim who called from Seattle this morning.

My Story: God Knows Just When To Put Things In Your Life

Sue suffered an incredible loss, but she tells how God came through for her.

My Story: I Won a Prize In The Nick Of Time

How a prize turned into a trip that will never be forgotten.

My Story: I Was Arrested For A Crime I Didn't Commit

Ray shares how God helped come to a place of forgiveness after being falsely arrested.

My Story: How A Song Saved My Life

Jennifer shares her story of a Tenth Avenue North song saved her life.

My Story: A Billboard Made the Difference

Debbie stopped by the station today to share her excitement with us.