Want To Join This Bible Study With Me?

I found myself really needing something a little more from God right now, so I opened the YouVersion Bible app to see what studies were available. I saw a plan from Francis Chan...

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes the advice you need comes when you least want it.

Facebook Live - What Animal Would You Be?

Every Friday (a little after 5PM), we go live on Facebook, to talk about weird things we see on the Internet, sometimes have a serious discussion, but mostly, it's just us...

But Jesus Said Nothing

Four words that challenge me to my core.

Which Coffee Are You?

Here's something fun and silly to share with your friends! ...

A Father's Lesson On Trust

This father's lesson on trust and faith is one we've all experienced.

You'll See Why This 'Reverse' Poem on Dyslexia Went Viral When You Read It

Jane Broadis, a teacher in England, and her class of 10 year old students recently spent time learning about poems, specifically how to write poems that can have with a new...

A Miracle: Bibles Found Untouched After Fire

Everything should have been burned, these firefighters said. But somehow, the Bibles survived.