Club 1111

Exclusive nightclubs. Ever been in one? We see these kinds of places featured on entertainment shows. The long velvet rope where people line up to get in, the rich and beautiful...

Danny Gokey Playing Hurt

Danny Gokey just wrapped up his latest tour and we were thrilled to have him here in Maryland on November 7th. What blew me away besides his amazing voice? His non-stop energy!...

Dress Up

My mom always dresses up nice no matter where she goes. Even when I was little, I marveled at beautiful she would look to go anywhere...even to the grocery store. When she looked...

Matthew West Visits Baltimore!

Did you miss it? Listen to Matthew West's chat with Tracey and watch his hilarious review of Berger Cookies!

The Story Behind Pat Barret's "The Way"

Pat Barret loves singing, "The Way." ...

Don's Big Day

Have you ever dreamed of joining Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM?

Weary World Rejoices

Check out this INCREDIBLE video!

The Christmas Story According To Kids

Leave it to kids!

What It's Like To Be A Parent Summed Up In One Video

Every parent has encountered this moment.

The Present - a Short Story Giving Everyone Who Watches Major Feels

This a short story that's one major awards for a good reason.

TobyMac's "Feel It" Video

Ready for the surprise ending?

Plumb - "Exhale" Video

What happens when you mix Plumb and Cirque du Soleil?

You Think This Video Is About A Man and His Dog But It's So Much More

Stick around to the end. WOW.

WATCH NOW: Animals In Mirrors

What happens when you put a mirror in the middle of the jungle?

MercyMe's Video For Flawless

The way we see ourselves vs how God sees us is drastically different!

Dying Man's Video Message To His Infant Daughter

This father is an inspiration for all Christians in uncertain times.

"Hope In Front of Me" Fan Video

Danny Gokey's fans share the hope in front of them... very moving.