Erin Is... Patriotic

My grandmother's friend, Kathy, is known for her theme parties. One year, she had an "Alice in Wonderland" party and my grandparents went as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb (my grandparents never agreed who was which character - ha ha). 

Kathy is now downsizing and is giving her theme outfits away. My grandmother showed up on my birthday with a garment bag containing this most American outfit ever (that's me and my gran below). Kathy has bequeathed her "Lady Liberty" outfit to me, and boy did I (unintentionally) get great use out of it. 

I was supposed to meet friends for breakfast, but forgot the Arbutus Firecracker 10K was happening. All the roads around me were blocked for runners, so I decided to have fun, wear the outfit, and cheer on the runners. I know I landed on someone's Snapchat - ha ha. As soon as the road opened up, I met my friends for breakfast wearing what else? 

Be warned, you may see me at a SHINE event dressed in this glorious display of life and liberty. Let freedom ring!

- Erin 

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