It's Never Too Late

How many of us have a story of regret about college? You started in earnest years ago and dropped out and now you're all grown up, you have a life and things you're grateful for, but it bugs you. You wish you had finished school. Maybe like me, you have talked yourself out of it because you thought, "I'm too old."

Meet Jean Kops. She began college at the University of Nebraska 70 years ago. Then she married the love of her life, Lyle Kops, and Jean dropped out of school to live on his ranch. The Kops raised five daughters and had a happy life together until he passed away in 2011. 

Jean was feeling lost without her husband of 63 years and her kids had an idea to help. Why not go back to school? So, at 87 years old, Jean Kops went back to the University of Nebraska. She took classes alongside students just like her, just a tad younger. Okay, between 60-70 years younger. And she did it! 

On Saturday, August 15th, 2015, Jean Kops earned her college degree, just 70 years after she started college. 

Next time you have that urge, the pain of regret, and you are tempted to think you're too old to finish what you started, I have two words for you: Jean Kops.

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.