Marlon Humphrey: Raven's Corner Back and Christ-Follower

Marlon Humphrey. Does the name sound familiar? He is a cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens who is making big plays on and off the field.

In a recent article, Clifton Brown, a Baltimore Ravens' staff writer, gives fans insight into how Humphrey's choice to live for Christ has changed his life for the better. According to the report, despite his extraordinary football career, Humphrey sensed he was missing something critical. That's when he realized he needed to start getting serious about his faith.

Humphrey grew up in the church, but two years ago he decided to follow a more disciplined, Christ-like path. His mother explains that he has changed numerous aspects of his life, from his diet to the way he studies plays, but the most influential has been the choice to become more dedicated to his faith.

According to Humphrey and his family, his strength, agility, and speed have helped him succeed, but it's his faith in Christ that has made all the difference.

Read the full article from the Baltimore Ravens here.

Image credit @Marlon_Humphrey on Instagram