Once Broken, Now More Beautiful

Kintsugi is a beautiful Japanese art form. The artist will take broken pottery and often join it together with precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. When they are done,...

Listen to this Beautiful Rendition of Amazing Grace by the US Army 82 Airborne Division

What is it about seeing our men and women in uniform singing songs of worship? It always gives us goosebumps! ...

A Prayer At The Turn

It’s that time. Those days that signal the unofficial start of a new season. Sorta feels like a reset button. And I think a lot of us need it.

My Morning Reminder

His word cuts through the darkness so you can hear His voice.

The Line

We read this poem today and had to share. This is a sobering reminder that every one of us is one step closer to Heaven. Are we sharing His hope with others "in line" with us? ...

Why You're Having Trouble Hearing Us

Having trouble getting our signal?

Breaking News: Ryan Stevenson's Equipment Stolen

Two weeks ago, Ryan Stevenson and his band wrapped up the final night of their West Coast tour, tucked in for the night, and when they woke up, they discovered everything was...

Volunteer Fear?

I’m a really outgoing person. To me, a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet! So, things like volunteering should be easy for me, right? Not so fast.

What Tupperware Taught Me

Tupperware. ...

656,000 Plus 1

That's how many members of the U.S. military services have lost their lives in conflict. ...

The Guitar Player And The Funeral

This is heartwarming story you'll want to share with a friend!

A Memorial Day Prayer

Lord, ...

The REAL Meaning of Memorial Day

Too often, we take this service and sacrifice for granted as we enjoy and live our busy lives.

Are You Being Stretched?

God has your back.

When You Don't Know What To Do

Ever been “there”? You know, when you’re confused, insecure, frustrated, upset, and so jumbled you’re not exactly sure you’re thinking right? Or even going to make it?

What Happens When You Get Squeezed?

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’"

Can You Just Trust Me?

I am tired of being afraid and trying to control everything. How about you? Do you think you could just trust Him for a few minutes?

Want To Join This Bible Study With Me?

I found myself really needing something a little more from God right now, so I opened the YouVersion Bible app to see what studies were available. I saw a plan from Francis Chan...

15 Verses for Graduation

Looking for something a little different than the "usual" Jeremiah 29:11?

When You Take A Day...

Maybe you just need a day to see things clearly. A lot can change when you take a day.

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Sometimes the advice you need comes when you least want it.

A Letter For Mother's Day

This Mother's Day weekend: ...

Becoming A Grandfather Changed My Perspective About Mothers

Now that I am the father of a mom, it’s the best perspective.

Seeing Is Believing

Could you do what you’re doing today without your vision?

FREE Mother's Day Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this for Mom!

Why Moms Seem To Never Get Anything Done

You've just cleaned the house and it's messy again. This video explains everything!

Facebook Live - What Animal Would You Be?

Every Friday (a little after 5PM), we go live on Facebook, to talk about weird things we see on the Internet, sometimes have a serious discussion, but mostly, it's just us...

The Five Finger Prayer

Here's how to use your hand to guide you in prayer.

Struggling To Let Go?

It's hard to embrace change when you're holding on to something else.

Don't Be Anxious? Seriously?

How is it possible to not worry and have anxiety when...

What Gets Me In Trouble

Do you do the same thing?

You Are Seen This Mother's Day

As we celebrate the women in our lives this Mother's Day weekend, I want to say... ...

The Struggle To Hear God In Seasons of Change

Sometimes, the struggle to hear comes down to being silent.

Doing Right May Cost You

Sometimes we know what the right choice is but we're scared to make it because of what it will cost.

Need to Feel Joy?

Need a glimpse of joy? Reading this Bible verse might be what you need.

But Jesus Said Nothing

Four words that challenge me to my core.

How Visiting Israel Has Changed My Perspective Of Easter

I finally understand why people who have been to Israel say, "You'll never be the same."

The Easter Experience

Preparing for Easter, I started brainstorming ways to be fully present.

Your Last Breath - A Spoken Word Poem

What will matter the most when you take your last breath?

4 Easter Snacks That Share the Gospel

Here are four snacks to make for Easter with family, friends, or your Sunday School class that share the Gospel.

Which Coffee Are You?

Here's something fun and silly to share with your friends! ...

5 Things You Should Know Today

These are five things we want you to know about yourself today!

What's My Purpose, God?

If you're asking what your purpose is, here's how to find out.

Love Take Me Over

One thing I've learned about people is they just want to be heard. They want to know someone is listening and that someone cares about them. I think our greatest need is to know...

How Do I Love My Enemies?

Loving my enemies: It’s hard to do. And, honestly, sometimes, it’s my last resort.

3 Things To Do When You're Overwhelmed

Here's some advice from Tracey and Erin.

Out of the Wreck I Rise

Some encouragement from Oswald Chambers when facing trouble.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

I prayed, "God, what am I doing wrong?" and He answered with His own question.

Hope From A Tattered Heart

A lesson from a tiny, bruised leaf.

Finishing Strong

We serve a God who ALWAYS finishes what He starts

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