How Do You Navigate Uncertainty When You Feel Hopeless?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are faced with uncertainty...

How Do You Respond When Someone Reacts Negatively To Your Positive Change?

Have you ever noticed that when you choose to make a change in your life it can tend to shake other people up?

31 Reminders for Girls

You may even wish someone said these words to you when your were young.

Struggling To Let Go?

It's hard to embrace change when you're holding on to something else.

This Is A Different September 11th

There's one thing I saw on 9/11 and I'm seeing it now.

What Can I Do For Those Affected By The Hurricanes?

There are two ways to help that don't feel like much but are significant.

The Struggle To Hear God In Seasons of Change

Sometimes, the struggle to hear comes down to being silent.

Mandisa and Casting Crowns Join Together to Give Hope To Texas

A beautiful moment and prayer.

Help Houston - How To Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Here's how you can help.

Why Did Jesus Need to Be Baptized?

Why did Jesus approach John the Baptist to be baptized?

If There's One Thing To Learn From The Eclipse, It's This

I'm so grateful for an intentional God who loves to teach us whenever we're willing to listen.

5 Solar Eclipse Comics to Make You Laugh

If you need a little chuckle, check out these fun cartoons.

The Bible is the Story of Two Gardens

This is a great quote from Max Lucado.

Books That Shaped Your Life

Outside of the Bible, what are the books that have shaped your life?

The Missing Link Between Bible and Prayer

If you've come away from reading Scripture feeling nothing, doing this will make the difference.

No Cook Tomato Soup

A delicious way to use up overflowing tomatoes from the garden!

The Wearable Chair Sounds Weird But It Has Real Possibilities

We think this chair has some real possibilities.

Doing Right May Cost You

Sometimes we know what the right choice is but we're scared to make it because of what it will cost.

Guess Who Stopped By SHINE-FM?

And he brought a pinata with him.

Why I'm The Crazy Lady Putting Makeup On In The Car

You might change your mind about the woman putting her makeup on in the car.

Matthew West Sings 'Grace Wins'

A beautiful reminder that grace always wins.

Matthew West Sings The Forecast

It was going good until Tracey...

Matthew West Sings "Hello, My Name Is"

What a joy to have Matthew West sing this live!

Coloring Page - My Dad My Hero

Download and color this page for Dad on Father's Day!

Coloring Page - I Love You Dad

Download and color this page for Dad on Father's Day!

From the Bathtub to Babylon: God is Working Through Our Circumstances

God is our Heavenly Father... and I really hate baths!

Shining A Light On The Helpers

Wonderful stories of people pulling together to help those affected.

MercyMe's I Can Only Only Imagine Heard On The Voice

Listen to contestant Aliyah Moulden sing her version of this classic MercyMe song.

If You See This At The Beach Resist The Urge To Touch It

This sea creature is beautiful and incredibly dangerous.

17 Year Cicadas Are Emerging Early

Brace yourselves. They're coming.

When They Grow Up Too Fast

If you haven't seen this song from Nichole Nordeman on your Facebook newsfeed, you will.

Know The Size Of Your Plate

Jesus didn't do everything, so why are we?

Happy Mother's Day Coloring Page

Download and have your kids color this for Mom!

Six Steps When You're Struggling to Pray

These steps from a local pastor my break you out of your prayer rut.

How Jesus Will Use Your Hands Today

Love this quote - how about you?

See if YOU can read this without choking up!

This is one of the sweetest notes to a teacher ever.

Mandisa Sings Her New Song On Good Morning America

Take a listen!

Mandisa Given Opportunity To Glorify God on TV

Watch Mandisa on Good Morning America!

God Wants To Challenge Your Attachments

I heard this from Steven Furtick and had to share.

Have You Ever Noticed This In The Bible?

Every miracle that occurred was an answer to a problem, even things that didn't seem like miracles at the time.

I Asked God...

I asked God... but God said...

Mr. T on Dancing With The Stars

A great story of God's Healing and restoration from one of our favorite celebrities.

4 Easter Snacks That Share the Gospel

Here are four snacks to make for Easter with family, friends, or your Sunday School class that share the Gospel.

Gymnast Simone Biles Dances to Chris Tomlin's Song on Dancing with the Stars

What a beautiful story and the perfect song!

The First Palm Sunday

Have you ever wondered what Jerusalem was like in AD 33?

My Story: In That Moment, I Knew My Life Was Changed

My father died when I was 17.

Coloring Page - Jelly Bean Prayer

Here's a free coloring page that will teach your kids the gospel!

Don't Be Anxious? Seriously?

How is it possible to not worry and have anxiety when...

You Did It!

We thank God for you!

My Story: I Grew Up In Church But Just Gave My Life To Christ

Sierra grew up in church, but never really met Jesus.

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