What I Learned From OJ and Chanda Brigance

I was nervous about our first meeting. ...

Don't Let Your Light Be Hidden

Because Jesus is the light of the world, we are also called to be the light of the world. How are you shining?

Making A Difference Starts With This

Our actions have the ability to impact others. What will your impact be?

God Gives Us A Candle, Not A Floodlight

God will always give us what we need, but not necessarily in the way we want it.

Having a Bad Day?

Having a bad day? This might give a little perspective.

Check Out Tauren Wells' Take On Zach Williams' 'Chain Breaker'

Tauren's version is simple and soulful.

How to Reconnect With God When You Feel Far Away

Do you feel far away from God? Here's how you can reconnect.

This Is A Different September 11th

There's one thing I saw on 9/11 and I'm seeing it now.

What Can I Do For Those Affected By The Hurricanes?

There are two ways to help that don't feel like much but are significant.

Mandisa and Casting Crowns Join Together to Give Hope To Texas

A beautiful moment and prayer.

Why Did Jesus Need to Be Baptized?

Why did Jesus approach John the Baptist to be baptized?

If There's One Thing To Learn From The Eclipse, It's This

I'm so grateful for an intentional God who loves to teach us whenever we're willing to listen.

The Bible is the Story of Two Gardens

This is a great quote from Max Lucado.

Books That Shaped Your Life

Outside of the Bible, what are the books that have shaped your life?

The Missing Link Between Bible and Prayer

If you've come away from reading Scripture feeling nothing, doing this will make the difference.

From the Bathtub to Babylon: God is Working Through Our Circumstances

God is our Heavenly Father... and I really hate baths!

MercyMe's I Can Only Only Imagine Heard On The Voice

Listen to contestant Aliyah Moulden sing her version of this classic MercyMe song.

Know The Size Of Your Plate

Jesus didn't do everything, so why are we?

Six Steps When You're Struggling to Pray

These steps from a local pastor my break you out of your prayer rut.

God Wants To Challenge Your Attachments

I heard this from Steven Furtick and had to share.

I Asked God...

I asked God... but God said...

Gymnast Simone Biles Dances to Chris Tomlin's Song on Dancing with the Stars

What a beautiful story and the perfect song!

The First Palm Sunday

Have you ever wondered what Jerusalem was like in AD 33?

My Story: In That Moment, I Knew My Life Was Changed

My father died when I was 17.

My Story: Why I Painted My Wall Green After My Cancer Diagnosis

Tracey shares why this green wall is symbolic to her.

This Teen Was Abandoned and Rejected But God Wasn't Going To Let That Be His Story

The beautiful story of how God brought a family to Chase.

I Thought Someone Was Breaking Into My House

Let's talk about fear - real fear.

I Hope I Never Forget These Moments

That moment I looked at my daughter and she wasn't three any more.

Today Marks 6 Months Since I Overdosed

Alannah wrote a goodbye letter to heroin.

My First Year As A Single Valentine And What I've Learned

I had a husband; he just had a Valentine that wasn't me.

9 #MyMarriageTips To Encourage Your Marriage

Marriage tips from SHINE-FM listeners.

Marian's Phone Call Wrecked Me

If you're feeling loss, we hope you'll feel encouraged by Marian's story.

Bible Untouched In Tornado Wreckage


If You've Been Hurt By People In The Church

Please don't miss out because of hurt.

Free Devotion from Joanna Gaines

Any Fixer Upper fans in the house?

Pray This Dangerous Little Prayer of King David's

I’ll be honest: that’s a courageous prayer right there.

The Gift Card

Which gift card do you choose?

Why He Came

In all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday, it's always good to remember exactly what Christmas is about.

The $20 Impact Challenge

Have you ever thought about what you could do with $20?

Pain and Joy At Christmas

If you're a woman feeling the pain of miscarriage at Christmas, you will understand.

Aaron's Family Tradition - Would You Do It?

Listen to this Christmas tradition Aaron adopted from a friend.

Creating the Perfect Christmas ...Or Not

Struggling with trying to make Christmas happen?

Tim Tebow Shares His John 3:16 Connection

There's no such thing as coincidence!

We Are Not Part of the Audience Of Christ

A 30 second devotional thought from Casting Crowns

The Lesson I Learned From My Son About Christmas

When I asked my son what Christmas is about, He taught me a lesson.

Advent Devotions from Billy Graham

A devotion for each week leading up to Christmas.

Matthew West - Our Gift

A Christmas devotion from Matthew West.

This Mom Is Introducing The Heart Of Christmas To Her Kids

A great alternative to Elf on the Shelf.

Quotes On Being Generous That Will Make You Think

"Though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that - warm things, kind things, sweet things--help and comfort and...

Ohio Church Shows That Giving Is Contagious

Here's what this church did with their members' special donations.

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