Thanking Those Who Helped You: Fred Rogers' Gratitude-Filled Acceptance Speech

What a great video of Fred Rogers from 1997 focusing on gratitude to others during his Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech at the 24th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. 

Let’s just say right off the bat, I think of this often. My childhood, for a variety of reasons, was a difficult one. Looking back, the odds were stacked against me. I can honestly say that, on paper, I shouldn’t be where I am today. 

So, who helped me? Jesus is at the top and then right under him my list includes people that have prayed countless hours over me including a loving wife, my children, family near and far, addiction counselors, twelve step sponsors, bosses who took a chance on me and so many friends, then and now.

This is what fills me with gratitude. 

We should always thank the ones who helped us. So let me ask this question, “Who helped you?” Mr. Rogers shows us how it is done. When your list comes to mind, take ten seconds to think of them and say “thank you.”



One more thank you to YOU. Thank you for listening. Without you, I don’t get to do what I do!

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