Traffic Got You Down?

Let's say you love living in the Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia area... me too. 

Let's say you are grateful for the cultural diversity, the great food, and of course the Orioles and the Ravens...

Me too!

Let's say there's just one thing in your hometown that if you could change it, you would. The traffic. 

Me too!

Maryland and DC commuters are on most of the lists of the worst commutes in the U.S., with the average commute for Baltimore being around 32.5 minutes, Columbia is around 32.9 minutes, and DC is 33.3.

Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective to keep us from whining. So here ya go. 

Beijing, China, just finished a week long celebration for National Day, and it was estimated that 750 million people were on the roads that week. The main highway into Beijing is 50 lanes wide and got even more congested with a new check point bringing the 50 lanes down to 20. 

And they don't have 95.1 SHINE-FM to listen to in the car (unless they download the app).

See! It's not so bad around here after all. 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.