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Behold, Our Triune God!


The event will include four speakers who will lecture on the doctrine of the Trinity and related matters. Speakers are Dr. James White, Mr. Anthony Rogers, Dr. Edward Dalcour, and Dr. Jeffrey Waddington. Topics that will be covered during the conference are the following: "The Distortion of God in Movies and Music", "Behold Your God: The Trinity!" , "A History of Trinitarian Theology", "The Trinity and the Old Testament", "The Application of Trinitarian Theology: Salvation and Sanctification", "Texts Twisted by the Cults: And How to Properly Handle Those Texts", "A Defense of the Deity of Christ", "The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit in the and NT", and "Protecting and Contending: The Intersection of Apologetics and Pastoral Ministry", along with Q&A sessions.

Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church
4883 Southard Lane
Mechanicsville , VA

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