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Dunkin’ of Greater Baltimore to Host Weeklong Iced Coffee Days Fundraiser To Benefit Johns Hopkins Children’s Center


In coalition with National Nurses Week, Dunkin’ of greater Baltimore today announced its weeklong Iced Coffee Days fundraiser from May 6-12 to benefit Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. As part of the Iced Coffee Days program, 10 percent from all Large Iced Coffee sales at participating Baltimore-area Dunkin’ restaurants will be donated to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. Proceeds from the program will help support the hospital’s mission to provide patient- and family-centered health care in a diverse and inclusive environment, while continuing to serve as a leader in innovative research for prevention and effective treatment of childhood diseases. Dunkin’ of greater Baltimore hosted its first Iced Coffee fundraiser benefiting Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in 2016. To date, over $70,000 has been raised from the annual event for the children’s hospital.


Baltimore , MD

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