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Everything Comes Alive

by We Are Messengers

“Everything Comes Alive” Lyrics

Verse 1

In the morning when my heart is cold

You’re the heat for my weary soul

You’re the good in all I know


In the mirror all that I see

Is Your grace looking back at me

I’m not the man that I used to be


Pre Chorus

There’s a song, there’s a song

Rising from my heart



Everything Comes alive

Everything comes alive

Everything comes alive

In You


Verse 2

In the evening when my bones are tired

You’re my strength and my heart’s desire You’re the light when the sun expires


I remember how far I’ve come

I’m not lost with You I’m home

I didn’t find You on my own


Pre Chorus



I’m made alive

Now I’m by Your side

I’ve come alive

I’ve come alive


Verse 3

And when my days are done

I’ve got a Hope that I’m sure of

I’ll be with You in heavenly places

I’ll be with You in heavenly places



My heart is beating to the rhythm of Your love My feet are running ever faster to Your grace