17 Year Cicadas Are Emerging Early

Brace yourself. 

The cicadas are coming. 

Brood X, which last appeared in 2004 aren't scheduled to reappear until 2021, are emerging early. Mike Raupp, University of Maryland Professor of Entomology, says some of these periodical cicadas are showing up four years ahead of schedule due to a phenomenon called "acceleration." Bottom line: it's not unsusal for a portion of the billions of 17 year cicadas to emerge early. 

When ground temperatures reach the mid 60s, the cicadas wake up and emerge. With more warm weather approaching, by next week we should expect an influx of cicadas. 

Raupp is asking for your help in tracking the cicadas. 

CALL TO CITIZEN SCIENTISTS: we need your help! If you see periodical cicada nymphs, shed skins, adults on vegetation or on trees, please report your sightings to Cicada experts are attempting to map the distribution of these magnificent and magical insects. Thank you for your help.

To learn more about cicadas and keep up to date with their emergence, check out Professor Raupp's Bug Of The Week blog.

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