5 Eating Tips for Thanksgiving

A whopping 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat is what studies say is the average an American will eat at Thanksgiving dinner. Ouch! 

Here are 5 tips to help you be healthier this Thanksgiving:

  1. Eat breakfast (AND lunch if you are a late dinner family): It seems like you'd want to 'save room,' but by doing this, your body is hungry ALL DAY. Then, you over indulge because you're starving.
  2. Keep portions small. Have a little of everything, but don't put tons on your plate.
  3. Choose white meat over dark and eat your veggies. Unless they're absolutely smothered in butter, veggies are your best bet.
  4. Avoid seconds. Wait 15 minutes before you go back for more. (And remember how good leftovers are the next day!)
  5. Keep dessert portions small. Choose pumpkin pie where available. It's lower in fat and calories. Plus, it's less sweet so you're less likely to crave more.

Lastly, a bonus - take a WALK! Stay active all day and your metabolism will be higher.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!