7 Quotes to Remember John Glenn By

American hero John Glenn has passed away at the age of 95. In addition to being a member of the famed Mercury Seven and the first American to orbit the earth, he was was an aviator, engineer, and United States Senator. Here are seven quotes to remember him by.

1. “To look out at this kind of creation out here and not believe in God is to me impossible. It just strengthens my faith. I wish there were words to describe what it's like.”

2. "It has been my observation that the happiest of people, the vibrant doers of the world, are almost always those who are using - who are putting into play, calling upon, depending upon - the greatest number of their God-given talents and capabilities."

3. "Old folks have dreams and ambitions too, like everybody else. Don't sit on a couch someplace.”

4. "I'm not interested in my legacy. I made up a word: 'live-acy.' I'm more interested in living."

5. "I pray every day and think everybody should."

6. “There are times when you devote yourself to a higher cause than personal safety.”

7. “If there is one thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet, it’s that the happiest and most fulfilled people I’ve known are those who devoted themselves to something bigger and more profound than merely their own self interest.”

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