75 Year-Old Man Saves 16 Children From Knife Attack

(Photo Credit: Pekin Daily Times)

75 year-old Army veteran, James Vernon, saved the lives of sixteen children and other adults at a library in Pekin, Illinois, from a knife weilding man bent on pure evil. He tried to talk to the young man but the assailant was having none of it. He wanted to hurt as many people as he could. When James saw his opening, he sprang into action. "I grabbed him and threw him. Somehow he wound up on a table," Vernon said. "I hit him on the collarbone with my closed hand." The man's arm was numb and he dropped the knife while pinned by James and another library employee until police arrived. James was cut badly on his arm, damaging two arteries and a tendon, but is healing well at home now. We salute you, James Vernon!



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