9 #MyMarriageTips To Encourage Your Marriage

No matter if you've been married 50 years or 50 days, you've learned something about being married that can help someone else. Here are some marriage tips SHINE-FM listeners shared on our Facebook page. If you'd like to get away with your spouse and strengthen your marriage, check out the upcoming Weekend To Remember marriage conference in Reston, VA, on April 6-8 and May 4-6. Be sure to use the code 'WEEKEND' to save $100 per couple on the regular registration rate. 

"I have been married to my husband for almost 8 years now. A tip I would like to share would be to stay active together. My husband plays softball and I run 5k's. We never miss each other's game or race. We bring our kids and cheer each other on. We turn one race or game into an entire event! We have a meal together after it, talk about how we did, how proud of the other spouse we are. Beforehand we get excited for the upcoming game or event for each other and encourage each other as it comes up.” - Melanie Coen Campion 

"You are a buttoned down, blue-collar shirt. Make God the top button and start from the top; all of your other relationships will fall into place. Start from the middle and the buttons may not match up.” - Shanan Glasgow

"My husband and I have been married 14 years and we pray together every morning while he drives to work...5 children and many challenges later, our marriage is stronger than ever and we believe God's grace has been poured out as we come to Him together in prayer.” - Marie Bull Johnson

"Always hold hands, rub his shoulders, give bear hugs, kiss often. It is a known fact that the simple act of touching your spouse releases oxytocin which can help build a stronger, loving bond. So when you pray, hold his hand. This simple act of love will strengthen your physical, emotional and spiritual bond.” - Amber McCleary 

"We use the '3 Day Rule' - you have three days to bring up a situation that upset you/hurt you/disappointed you...whatever. If it isn't important enough to talk about within three days, you forfeit the right to be upset. Let it go and move on. This prevents blowing up 6 months later over something you barely remember happening.” - Maureen Coyne Shumway 

"When having a disagreement with your spouse, do not ever use the words “always” or “never,” as in, “You always do this," or “You never do that.” Those words will automatically send up a “defensive” wall and put your spouse on the defense. Because, truthfully, no one “always” or “never” does something! Instead, say, “When you do or did this, it made me feel…" No one should get defensive about how you feel. This has helped my marriage tremendously!! Learned this from our first Weekend to Remember.” - Tracy Brubaker

"RESPECT is the absolute most important thing in a marriage.” - Jayme Sigler

"You have to decide that no matter what the love you have for each other is greater than anything else.” - Jennifer Lawrence

"COMMUNICATE - make sure you always talk about things in a kind and loving way. Understand and embrace that God made husband and wife with two entirely different purposes but to compliment each other and work side by side (hence, the rib thing). It's okay that we're different. It’s supposed to be that way.” - gdlywmn63.db (via Instagram)