My Story: A Billboard Made the Difference

SHINE Partners -  I wanted to share something exciting with you.

This is Debbie (along with her son and myself), and she started listening to 95.1 SHINE-FM in 2010 after seeing one of the “Positive Hits” billboards. There was a lot going on in Debbie's life and when she saw the billboard, she thought, “I definitely need some positive in my life right now.” So she turned her radio to 95.1 SHINE-FM.

The lyrics in the music started to impact her, and she went to her first SHINE concert to see MercyMe at the Hippodrome that October. That night, she had a life changing experience that allowed her relationship with God to grow even more. 

Last year, when we gave SHINE listeners the chance to go on the MercyMe At Sea Cruise, Debbie entered the contest and won. She said it was almost like coming full circle for her. While on the cruise, Debbie got to meet MercyMe and share a little of her story of how God used their music to impact her life at a time when she needed it most. To spend a whole week relaxing with them and other Christian artists was what she needed and reminded her of what God had done. 

Today, Debbie popped by the station to say hi, share pictures from her trip, and to thank us for giving the trip away. We want to thank YOU, our SHINE Partners, because without your support, we would never have been able to purchase the billboards that created an incredible change in Debbie's life.

We certainly can't take credit for what God was doing in Debbie's life, but it is exciting to be part of what He's doing and we wanted you to know the impact you had too. Thank you!

PS - if you're not a SHINE Partner and want to know what one is, click here.