A Lesson In Loving People Well

So, I overslept this morning. I got up at 3:15 am instead of 2:30 am. It's hard to believe that 3:15 is sleeping late. Well, my alarm went off and I don't even remember. I was very confused when I did finally get up. I was looking at the clock like "how did that happen?"

I was also really upset because I missed my quiet time with the Lord. I really love to have that time in the morning. I get coffee and I go find a little nook in the house somewhere where I dig into my Bible or my journal and just try to connect with God. I can't do my life without this - it has become a thing that I love. So, I was really upset with myself. And as I'm  muttering under my breath, just kind of in this blur of activity and hurrying to get ready for work, my husband, Gary, was cooking me a beautiful breakfast.  He was singing in the kitchen, making eggs for me, and he even took my bags out for the car for me. 

Then, it dawned on me.This was my time with Jesus. When people love you well, it's like God is paying you a personal visit. He works through people who are just tuned in and serving you. I just have to say, wow, I didn't earn that.

Jesus is sure working through him to love me well.