A Memorial Day Prayer


As our nation pauses to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, we give thanks for these men and women and their families. They sacrificed their lives fighting for our freedom, fighting for the freedom of others, and fighting for justice. They willingly went knowing they wouldn't return the same.

God, we're reminded of the example of your Son, Jesus, who willing sacrificed His life for all of humanity. He painted the picture of what love through sacrifice looks like. Few would be willing to lay down their life for a stranger, but these men and women went, making the ultimate sacrifice of love. 

As we remember these brave men and women, we cannot forget those who loved them and served with them. Lord, be their peace on this day. Soothe any anger or disillusionment over why their loved one was taken. Lift up their hearts. Be their source of comfort. Give them Your strength on this day. 

Lord, help us remember, not just on Memorial Day, but throughout the year, the sacrifice others have made. May it embolden us and challenge us to live a life of love, courage, and bravery.