A Miracle In A Bag of Groceries

Sandra, a SHINE listener sent this letter to us on Friday. We wanted to share this with you, and we hope that somewhere Shannon might see this and know how her gift of groceries was treasured. 

I want to share a miracle that happened on Christmas Eve.

I no longer work and my husband is working two jobs to make ends meet. My family decided my house would serve the Christmas dinner. We didn't have much money, but my husband gave me his card and told me to spend wisely. I figured that meant $30.00 to $40.00. Once I got in the food line, a lady was in front of me with loads of food. Patiently, I waited for her and even asked her to watch my cart as I ran to get a forgotten Item.

When it was my turn to ring up, I was worried that I had spent too much. The lady in front of me started to bag my groceries. I thanked her and asked whether this was an Oprah moment. The total of my groceries was $74.00.

"Oh no," I thought.

As I went to swipe my husband's card, the lady in front of me stopped me and swiped her card. I said to her, "You just paid for my food." She replied, "I know." Tears welled up in my eyes. "Bless you," I said as I hugged her and she hugged me. I kept saying thank you through the tears falling from my eyes.

She explained that there was a time someone did this for her when she and her children didn't have food. She began to leave, and I asked for her name. Later, I wanted to pray for her but couldn't remember her name. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me to remember her name, and Shannon is what came to my mind.

Shannon if you are out there, thank you for making my Christmas and my family's Christmas extra SPECIAL. I will love you always, and I will pray for you always. God bless you.

Oh, one other thing. She is white, and I am black. God loves all races, and we all need to listen. Thank you, Shannon.