A Moving Piano Performance

Donald Gould is getting new lease on life. After his wife passed away in 1998, he turned to drugs and alcohol eventually losing his three year old son to social services. Since then, he has been living on the streets in Sarasota Florida battling his addiction. Recently, the city installed several public pianos and Gould was captured in this video playing it so beautifully.

It turns out he was just a couple of credit hours short of receiving his degree in music Spring Arbor University. A Go-fund-Me account was established to get him off of the streets and Spring Arbor University has offered him a full ride to complete his degree. As part of his transformation he also underwent a makeover. There are thousands of homeless men and women living in our streets and in the shadows across our country. This is a reminder that everyone we see has a story and that they matter to God. Watch the video and see Donald's transformation here.

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