A Neighbor Left A Rude Note, But There Was Something They Didn't Know

Imagine walking up to your house after a long day and receiving a note that went like this:


Please take pride and staighten up the exterior of your house. Your eye-sore is affecting the resale value of OUR homes. Who wants to buy a house near you and look at THAT daily. It doesn't take that much effort.

Do better.

This is a real note that was put on a woman's door because her yard was not up to one of her neighbor's standards.

What the author of this letter didn't know was that their neighbor had just been diagnosed with numerous health issues, her husband had just lost his job, and she had also just found out that her autistic, nonverbal child has cancer.

This nasty note, however, ended up bringing out the best in the surrounding community after it was shared on Facebook. To hear the amazing reaction to this scenario, take a listen to the below excerpt from Mornings with Tracey, Steve, and Dave.

This story is a valuable reminder to be gentle with our words because we never know the battles that other people are fighting behind the scenes.