A Prayer For Teachers

Sometimes we don't realize all that teachers do and all the sacrifices that they make. Tracey and Steve from Mornings with Tracey, Steve, and Dave took a moment to express their gratitude for teachers and prayed this prayer over them as they get ready to head back to school:


We lift up the teachers today. We pray for their peace and covering this day. We pray for all that You have in store for them. We pray that You would equip them in every way with the wisdom that they need to lead their class every single day.

God, we pray that Your strength would fill them and enable them to do all that they do with a heart of compassion, grace, and understanding that comes right from You. Give our teachers, our educators, our administrators, the ability to be effective in their job - to have an impact on these young lives and to create an atmosphere that's safe, fun, and fosters learning about important things.

We pray that you, God, would give the teachers encouragement. Give them help when they're weary and lots of grace when they feel like they've reached the limit. And please give them peace even now as they prepare for this school year. God, may you guide them in every good work of preparation, impact, and resourcing for teachers who are paying out of pocket for school supplies. Every thing that concerns them, God, we know that it's in Your hands today. We lift them up.

In Jesus' name,