A Prayer for the New Year

We love the freshness a new year brings. New opportunities, new chances, new ways to grow. We can make fresh starts every day, but there's something about the change of the calendar year that makes it even more real. Let's keep giving this year to God. We loved this prayer and thought you might, too. 

- Jack & Erin


New Year's Prayer, by Jack Zavada

Lord, this year I want to change, and I've said that in the past.  But now my prayer is different 'cause I understand at last.

I wanted my own way before, I ignored your loving plans. But now I'm putting everything into your nail-scarred hands.

I promise to obey you out of gratitude and love. I won't be giving orders to my Father up above.

I finally realize the truth and so I've changed my prayer. The safest place for me to be is in your gentle care.

Please be my shepherd, Jesus, that's all I ask of you. In good times and in bad this year, take my hand and lead me through.


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