An Explosion of Red, White, and Blue

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love the 4th of July
How about you? 

You know how some of y'all get crazy for Christmas? Like, playing Christmas carols in July crazy? I'm the 4th of July version of that kind of crazy.


It's summer, people are in a good mood, almost everyone gets a day off, there's fresh watermelon, tomatoes and corn are ready, you can smell everyone's grills working it, parades are happening, fireworks are popping... it's just the best. 

The 4th of July runs deep in my family. My mom was an Arbutus Sailorette back in their heyday. She spent her childhood marching in 4th of July parades as a majorette and drum major.

My dad, a now retired police officer, worked on the 4th at parades and fireworks. We'd go to fireworks - typically Catonsville - and see if we could "spot Daddy." My brother, also a police officer, usually helps direct traffic or serves in the Baltimore County Police Department Honor Guard and marches in community parades. This is him at the Catonsville parade (he's the one in the very back, calling the marching instructions).

In my little land of Arbutus, you can feel the excitement of the holiday.

There's the soapbox derby, flag raising, parade, and the Arbutus Firecracker 10K. If you want to leave, you can't. Seriously. At least I can't. The roads around my neighborhood make up the bulk of the Arbutus Firecracker 10K course, so I'm going no where fast. I'm completely okay with that. I love seeing our community come together to cheer on the runners, set up sprinklers for them to run through, or make their own water stations. I wear my Lady Liberty outfit and do my part to cheer on the runners.

This is Lady Liberty. My grandmother's friend loved hosting theme parties. When she downsized, she bequeathed her Lady Liberty 4th of July outfit to me. I wear it with pride. This is the nephew pretending to be Lady Liberty's torch. I'm starting him out right.

I've always worn a little sparkle at the 4th.

My co-workers at my job before SHINE-FM and I would get dressed up at the holidays. I probably got a little more into it than others. I'm not sure what year this is. I'm also not sure what happened to that vest and I wish I still had it.

This year was easy to figure out. Every year I should pose with candles stating my age so I don't forget. Did I mention my birthday is the day before the 4th? And no, I'm not telling you what year this was. 

Also, warning kids: don't overpluck your eyebrows just because it's the trend. They're hard to grow back.

This year, I'm switching things up, and I'm settling for this dress.

It's a little understated, don't you think? Don't worry - I haven't finished the shoes, nails, earrings, or hat portion of the outfit yet. We're just at the beginning stages.

Is that enough proof for you? I love the 4th!

And at the stroke of midnight on the 4th of July, I'll begin planning next year's 4th, just like the crazy Christmas people do at the stroke of midnight on December 25th.