An Ode To Allergies

Going for a stroll in the spring time breeze,
Picnic lunches, climbing trees
Oh the joys that this season brings
New life blossoms and the blue bird sings.

Spring time, spring time all around.
I open the window. What’s that sound?
The sound of a mower cutting the grass,
I run for tissues oh so fast.

Runny nose like a hose.
Watery eyes that I despise.
Trouble breathing, can’t stop sneezing.
Itchy skin wearing me thin.

Allergy season is no fun
The first sign of pollen makes me run.
Safe inside where I belong
Until summer time comes along.

Praying to Jesus that relief comes soon
And I no longer have to stay hidden in my little cocoon.
Hang on tight and don’t give up hope,
Is this going to last forever? Nope!

This picture is from when I discovered what my allergies were... number 5 is grass, oh what fun!

Laura Smith serves at 95.1 SHINE-FM as Project Manager.