Bart Throws Like a Girl?

Over the years the guys in MercyMe have played a lot of concerts at ball games and consequently, they get asked to throw out the honorary first pitch quite a bit.

And while they love it, it's become a bit of an inside joke with the band. They draw straws to see which band member will do the honors, and there's usually a dare involved. At a Houston Astros game recently, Bart drew the "lucky" straw and bandmate Mike gave Bart his special instructions: he was to throw out the first pitch left-handed. Only one problem...Bart can't do anything requiring coordination as a lefty. And, to make it even more interesting, Bart wasn't allowed to say anything about it. No excuses, no disclaimers, just throw that ball.

Bart says with his left hand, he throws like a girl. Now ladies, before you get offended, Bart clarified for me, "Actually I throw like a second-grade girl. Most girls throw better than I do with my left hand."

That includes me :) 

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