Battling Unhealthy Snacking

I am a snacker. A grazer. I like to nibble little bits throughout the day and especially at night. If I'm bored, tired, anxious, sad, stressed or just uninterested I tend to reach for something to nibble on.

I know how bad this habit is for my health, but this week I read an article from Desiring God and these words jumped out at me:

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with these particular foods, binge-snacking can function just like more egregious addictions — as an unhealthy coping mechanism that ultimately directs our hearts away from the power and presence of Christ.

Woah. My mindless nibbling could ultimatley direct my heart away from Christ? Yes, it certainly could.

Instead of praying when I feel stress coming on, I have reached for a bag of pretzels. Instead of spending time reading my Bible when I'm bored, I would hang out with my friend Mr. Slice-o-Pizza. Talk about convicting. 

If you struggle with unhealthy snacking, click here to read the article for tips on how to battle the unhealthy snacking habit. I hope you find it as encouraging as I did.