Carroll County Officer's Simple Act Of Kindness

(Image and post by from the Facebook page of Sheriff Jim DeWees. Used by Permission.)

“This is Corporal Gunnar Burdt, one of my patrol supervisors. He had no idea this photo of him was taken, but I felt compelled to explain what is taking place.The man he is sitting with is homeless and frequents this restaurant in Mt. Airy, MD. Corporal Burdt decided to not only buy him lunch, but sit and eat with him. Gunnar is one of my finest deputies and is the definition of a community police officer. If you look at a couple of my previous posts you'll see that Gunnar was recently recognized for his part in saving an Eldersburg teen that was involved in a traffic collision and burning vehicle. I'm proud of him and the members of the sheriff's office. You may think what he is doing is above and beyond but it's the norm for him, most of my deputies, and most law enforcement officers in this country.”

--Sheriff Jim DeWees



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