Chuck's Story: $8 Can Change Lives

I just have to share Chuck's story with you. 

He and I may be smiling in this picture, but Chuck pretty much wrecked me. 

Chuck used to live in Sykesville but retired to West Virginia. Today, he happened to be in town visiting his daughter. He was on his way back home to West Virginia when he flipped on the radio and heard Sharathon happening. Take a listen to what he says...

When Chuck said it crushed him to not give, that crushed me. To hear someone who wanted so desperately to give and not be able to was heartbreaking.

Before he left, Chuck opened up his wallet and gave us everything in it: the $8 you see pictured above. Whenever I think about $8, I will forever think about Chuck's sacrificial giving. The years that he gave when there was plenty were the years I was growing up and listening to this station. He helped provide the messages I needed to hear as I was growing up. Today, as an adult, I get to return the favor. I am a SHINE Partner, and I choose to be one for someone like Chuck who can't give as he wants.

Thank you, Chuck, for your years of support. It's an honor to give back to you. 

Would you'd like to join me as a SHINE Partner and give for those who can't? Just click here