Don't Touch the Chairs

Every hometown has its little quirks, right? Those odd little traditions that the locals hold dearly to and that they take great pride in explaining to those who are on the "outside." You might live in Arbutus, which is just a few miles from Catonsville... oh so close... but you would still be on the "outside." 

So here's a little insider information/tip for you, from a lifelong Catonsville girl:

Don't Touch the Chairs!

Just take a drive down Frederick Road anytime the week before July 4th, and you will see the chairs. Lawn chairs mostly...carefully, strategically placed between the 1000 to 1600 block along the grassy areas by the curb. You may even see recliners, dining room chairs, stakes in the ground, and yellow caution tape too. Catonsville residents know the July 4th parade is the best one in the country and they're not about to miss the perfect spot to watch it. It's a VERY BIG DEAL.

And a little weird.

And I love it.

People from the "outside" marvel at the sight along this major route that goes right through the "Ville" and they've wondered why no one steals the chairs. Steal the chairs? Wash your mouth out with soap! Of course no one steals the chairs. This is Catonsville. Land of Opie's snow balls and soft ice cream, houses with big front porches, old and very tall tulip poplar trees and more guitar shops in just 2 blocks than anywhere. And, yes, of course, we have our problems too just like anywhere else... But the chairs are special. Respected. Weird. 

Better get yours in place before space runs out. The day before the parade there will be thousands lining Frederick Road. And if you're an "outsider," don't worry. We'll make you feel right at home. We'll even offer you a seat. Life really is great in 21228. 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.