Feeling Fear? Try Mary's Phrase

Glorious Impossibilites 

Why would anyone ever want a God of the possible? Consider His every act of significance in your life. How many of those acts have you ever been able to figure out?

Is it possible that at one time you were dead in Christ with no destiny or hope, but now you are born again in a life that will outlast the stars? Celebrate this glorious impossibility!

Is it possible that the name of Christ meant nothing to you at one time, and yet now you cannot conceive of living a single day without His presence? Celebrate this glorious impossibility!

Is it possible that you once feared death, but now you know that Jesus Christ, this little baby of Bethlehem, has come out of the grave, renovating all your bogus pride and transforming your fears into hope? Celebrate this glorious impossibility!

We must look to Mary's example (in Luke 1:38) to know how to deal with the glorious impossibilities of God. Look how she turned the world upside down by making the simple statement: “Consider me the Lord's slave. May it be done to me according to your word.”

Can it be that one very young and insignificant woman changed the world just by agreeing to the mysteries of God? It can indeed!

God needs only a little of our agreement in order to work mighty wonders.

When the most ordinary of people say, “Consider me the Lord's slave,” churches are born, hospitals rise, Christian universities come to be. Some of the greatest missionaries were born when a timid believer agreed, “Consider me the Lord's slave.” It's how William Carey started off for India. It's how David Livingstone transformed Africa.

Perhaps even now you are hungering to please God on some matter, but fear bars the way. Try Mary's phrase…and rejoice in the glorious impossibility of it all.

- Calvin Miller