Finding Scrunchies In Your Son's Backpack?

Here's one positive thing about Facebook: the ability to network with other parents and see if it's "just your kid" who is experiencing something. 

A North Carolina mom, Emily Covington, shared with her network that she keeps finding hair scrunchies in the dryer. After asking her son why, he let her in on the secret: when a girl likes a boy, she gives him her scrunchie, and the boy wears the scrunchie around his wrist.

When interviewed by ABC News, Covington said she's discovered if a boy likes a girl, he gives her his hoodie. Her thoughts about that much more expensive signal? "I told my son he better be careful 'cause I'm not buying him any new ones and it could be a very cold winter."

So, if you find some scrunchies in your son's backpack, you know now it's not "just your kid."

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