Glad to See You!

It feels so good when someone is happy to see you, doesn't it? Years ago, I ran into an old friend from high school I hadn't seen in over 20 years. He was one of my best friends but we lost touch. I just about lost my mind when I saw him unexpectedly out with his family. I very embarrassingly squealed his name and ran over to him, ready to go in for the bear hug. He backed away. I mean, literally, he took a few steps back, extended a handshake and very formally said, "Hello Tracey. Nice to see you." Are you kidding me? We were buds! I was sooooo glad to see him. How could he not be so glad to see me?  

It's funny now, but back then I was crushed. Greetings are a very big deal to me. There's nothing like seeing someone's face genuinely light up when they see you. And we don't always do this well in our busy world today. We can be so self-focused, or looking at our phones, or just taking for granted that someone we love has come into our space, that we miss the opportunity to demonstrate our affection in our greetings of one another. 

It's simple really. Stop doing what you're doing for a moment. Make eye contact. Smile. When appropriate, hug with gusto, and maybe even say something like, "Hi. It's good to see you." Repeat daily. 

I don't know what my old school friend was dealing with that day, and I guess I never will, since I obviously didn't exchange contact info with him. But, of course, grace abounds. I'll just choose to think that he just had a root canal and was still out of it. But for anyone who hasn't been greeted with the proper amount of enthusiasm as you certainly deserve....

This is for you. Dogs get it. 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.