Go With It

We had a really fun weekend planned for THIS weekend with a few of the kids, spending time at the lake with some friends. We've been so excited about the promise of boating, water-skiiing, tubing, campfires, the stuff you usually do outside. 

And then we heard the weather forecast. Not a little rain. A few inches of rain. Immediately my mind started racing: what cool, clever, interesting stuff could I come up with for us to do? We don't get to have this kind of time with the kids often enough. It's special. We want them to have the best time. Being a new step-mom, I feel this pressure that absolutely NO ONE has put on me but me. I have longed for this. I want it to be just right. What if they're really disappointed? What if they're bored? What if they don't want to come back and do this again? 

And then my friends Mike and Dave shared a little something with me. Hey Tracey, what if you're over-thinking this? WHAT? ME? Over-think? The girl who lays in bed at night thinking about all the things I could do better, instead of doing one thing I should be doing better right now: SLEEPING? Nah... 

So I "thought" some more about what they said, and they were right. Just this one time. :)

I was reminded of a lesson God showed me a few years ago when the kids were with us, and apparently, I forgot the lesson. 

We had planned a really cool thing to do with the kids in Baltimore. We had tickets to the Sea Dog, the high-speed cruise boat that tours the Inner Harbor. We were decked out in our water-proof souvenir ponchos and had just boarded the boat when the folks in charge announced that bad weather was in the area, so the cruise was canceled. The kids were so disappointed. A little panicked, I started thinking about what we could do that would salvage the day. 

No brilliant ideas were coming. And then...

Walking back to the parking garage, we came upon a beautiful water fountain in this office complex courtyard. I  jokingly said, "Hey, let's get in the fountain in our ponchos!" The kids said, "Yes! Let's do it!" We kicked off our shoes and played in the fountain for about 30 minutes, taking pictures, splashing around, and making a memory to last a lifetime.

Here's the thing. It wasn't in our plan. But God knew. He is in the details when things go the way you hoped and when they don't. And if you can just go with it. Be flexible, open to what is before you, He just may unfold something even better that what you planned for. 

That time in the fountain is still referred to as "the best time" by the kids. 

So when the day comes that your best plans fizzle out, and believe me, that day will come over and over til we get to heaven, what if you just go with it? What surprises might God have in store for you! 

Co-host of Tracey and Dave on SHINE-FM.