God Is Bigger Than The Boogie Man

With keys in hand, I hopped in my new car. I smelled the new car smell. I pulled out my phone, hooked up the Bluetooth to play my victory song as I drove off the lot. The first song that came out of my speakers, “Sport Utility Vehicle” sung by Larry the Cucumber. Why? Because I am an adult who still LOVES the VeggieTales! The VeggieTales was not only fun to watch as a kid, but it taught me a lot of important lessons about God.

Some of the first lessons I learned from the Veggies were:

  • Pirates are lazy.
  • Be thankful for what you have because your tree home will get too heavy from all the stuff you don’t need and it will fall off a cliff.
  • It doesn’t matter if they wear a shoe or pot on their head, you should treat them with care and respect.
  • Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber would say at the end of every episode “Remember God made you special and He loves you very much.”

Now, I don’t usually go around boasting my extensive knowledge of the VeggieTales, but in the midst of a new challenge, God has reminded me of one of the lessons I learned over 15 years ago. Recently, I have been struggling with managing my anxiety. I never knew how much control our minds could have over our bodies. When I have an anxiety attack, my mind completely hijacks my body.

Most of the time, I wake up in the middle of the night convinced I’m having a heart attack. But, I recently had an anxiety attack in the middle of the day while I was at work!

As my mind started racing, my body followed. My heart started pounding, and my back and neck started to hurt (these are two signs of a heart attack. I would know because I have WebMDed it a thousand times). All I could see was my anxiety, and it was growing.

Then during the storm brewing in my head, God put one of the invaluable lessons I learned from VeggieTales back into my brain. “God is bigger than the Boogie Man.” And I just repeated it to myself, “God is bigger than the Boogie Man, God is bigger than the Boogie Man, God is bigger than the Boogie Man.” Slowly, my anxiety dissolved. I could turn my eyes from my anxiety to God.

And it’s true, God is bigger than the Boogie Man. For me, the “Boogie Man” is my anxiety. God really is bigger than any of the difficulties or struggles we face in life. If we only look at our difficulties, they will definitely LOOK bigger than God because they are bigger than us. However, no matter what our “Boogie Man” is, God is stronger than it all. God is bigger.

Remember God made you special and He loves you very much!

Morgan Lippert is a Community Engagement Assistant at SHINE-FM.