God Is Your Father And He Wants To Show You His Love

Imagine if you were raising a child but the only time they came to speak to you was when they were in trouble. Or if they needed something, or to resolve a situation. You would respond to their ask and seek to tend to the needs. Yet your heart would long for them to know that you have so much more for them than this.

The kind of relationship we build with our Father God is up to us. He is a good, good father. Yet to know him as Father, we have to go further than a relationship that's built around needs, works, or issues. Learning to just hang out in God's presence sounds easy, but so many times we forget to actually do it.

God loves you.

He wants to show his love toward you daily, not through fixing things but by just loving on you.

He wants to hear your thoughts and dreams.

He wants to be your safe place, refuge, source of joy, and strength.

He is your father, so maybe today talk to Him just for no other reason than it's great to hang out with your heavenly dad. No conversation is too trivial or silly (in fact, I think He loves those chats the most!). You won't be bothering Him, wasting His time (He is outside of time). He adores you and the only way you really discover how true that is, is when you learn to just be with Him and allow the relationship to move from problem, works, and service driven, to love, acceptance, and grace given.

Give it a try. 

He can't wait to hang out with you. 

- Charlotte Gambill

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