Grandma Texts Wrong Teen a Thanksgiving Invite, Now Their Families Will Eat Together

When 17 year old Jamal Hinton got a random text message inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner, he wasn't sure who it was.

When the response came back, "Your grandma," he asked for picture proof.

It was just as he suspected...that wasn't his grandma. He decided to be bold, text his picture back, and see if he could still get a plate.


And the grandma's response? 

Since the conversation, the grandma - Wanda Dench - invited Jamal to come over to her house so they could meet each other. Jamal will be going back for Thanksgiving - not empty handed, of course. Like any good grandson, he's going to bring something with him - more than likely a pumpkin pie. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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