Guess Who Stopped By SHINE-FM?

Some days are filled with great surprises! Josh Wilson dropped by with our friends from the Christian Music Broadcasters to bring our staff a lunch party! While here, Josh sang a new song. We made sure to record a little of it to share with you - take a listen above. They also brought a pinata. Who doesn't love a pinata?

First, proper pinata protocol requires being spun around. Melanie spun with style.

Tracey gave it a good whack.

Jack crushed it.

Treats for everyone!

Thanks, Josh and CMB, for a great day! But most importantly, we're so grateful for the prayers for our station, but especially for our SHINE-FM listening community. We don't have any pictures of prayer time because... no peeking when you're praying ;-). 

If today has been a "day," know that YOU were on our minds and have been prayed for today by all of us!