Guess Who Came Back In The Studio?

I'm baaack! I'm Riley, and John is my daddy. Today is "Take Your Children To Work Day," so my daddy brought me to the radio station with him again. The last time I was here, I was three, but I'm four now!

Radio is hard work, so Daddy and I warmed up by twirling.

Then, we went into the studio. Chairs are still a little big for me, so Daddy helped me up.

Then he helped me put on the headphones so I looked like a real radio person.

Then, Daddy and I started working.

He asked me what my favorite movie was and I told him. 

Then we talked about Jesus.

After that, we told stories about a princess.

I got a little thirsty. Talking is hard work!

I talked to my daddy about Wonder Woman. I also shared a little secret with him.

I had so much fun with my daddy. He asked me some silly questions.

I hope he brings me back when I'm FIVE! Thanks for listening to me on the radio today!